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Kardashian Sisters Try To Ditch Debit Card

Confession time. I have, on occasion, stepped into the lives of the Kardashian sisters. Famous for doing absolutely nothing except being born into money, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have devoted their lives to exposing their overspending, bratty drama-filled lives to a series of reality shows on E!. They’re like one giant, untalented, stiletto-ed train wreck. […]

Pay More To Pay With Plastic? I Think Not.

I recently had dinner with a few friends at a Turkish restaurant in Philadelphia. While trying to decipher what exactly what kebab I was ordering, I noticed an odd statement on the menu: “Credit card processing fees that we have to pay, will be your discount when you pay by CASH! , therefore the prices […]

Discover All The Rules Before You Apply

A reader recently posted an irate comment that

Lego My Debit Card, You Online Pirates

I am a single, child free woman. I am not in the habit of buying toys. So imagine my shock when, as part of my daily morning routine, I logged into my checking account and found a $112 purchase at the Lego store. I’ve been a victim of debit card fraud before, but it happened […]

Earn A $220 Bonus By Opening A New Checking Account At Bank of America

If you have a Bank of America credit card you can qualify for up to $220 in bonuses for opening a new checking account. You receive a $100 credit on your credit card statement when you open the account and establish a qualifying direct deposit within three months. Then you earn another $20 each month […]

We’re Paying Off Our Credit Card Bills

A new report by TransUnion says we’ve cut the amount we owe on our credit cards to the lowest level in more than eight years. The average combined debt for bank-issued credit cards – typically Visa and MasterCards — fell to $4,951 by the end of June, down 13% from $5,719 in at the end […]

What To Look For In A College Credit Card

Credit cards used to flood campuses at the start of the school year with booths that offered free T-shirts, hats and other giveaways in an effort to sign-up new customers. But the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act put an end to that this year. Credit cards can no longer offer free stuff if […]

Is Citi Evading The Credit CARD Act Again?

A Bankaholic reader says her Citibank credit card recently offered to let her pay 1.99% APR on balance transfers through August 2011. Sounded like a pretty good deal. But something in the fine print made her hesitate: “Payments are allocated to pay off lower APR balances before higher balances.” Wait a minute, she thought. Doesn’t […]

Venture To A Better Card With Capital One?

The No Hassle Miles credit card from Capital One has long been one of our favorite travel reward cards. Now there’s a more rewarding, albeit more costly, alternative. The new Venture VISA card is Capital One’s entre into the growing “upscale” market. It offers pretty much the same rewards as the No Hassle Miles card, […]

A Costly Loophole In the Credit CARD Act

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act banned many of the industry’s most abusive fees and practices when it went into effect last winter. But there’s a loophole in the new regulations that really bugs us. In the past, credit cards routinely applied payments to that portion of your balance being charged the lowest […]

Credit Cards Still Seek Affluent Customers

Think of your mailbox before the Great Recession. You got bills, grocery store circulars, invitations and magazines, but crowding them all out, we bet, were credit card offers. Credit card issuers mailed five to seven billion offers a year from 2004 to 2007, according to Mintel Comperemedia, which tracks such things. But when the economy […]

Citi Finds A Way Around Credit Card Rules

Here’s a trick Citibank pulled before the Credit Card Accountability and Responsibility Act took effect last month in an effort to circumvent the new regulations. Two of the act’s most important provisions require credit cards to: Provide 45 days notice before raising rates, and the new higher rate can’t be imposed on existing balances, just […]

Are Overdraft Fees On Their Way Out?

The nation’s largest bank, and biggest issuer of debit cards, is finally doing the right thing. Bank of America will stop letting customers overdraw their checking accounts so it can zing them with overdraft fees. Starting this summer, it will decline purchases that overdraw a customer’s checking account and inform them that they’ll have to […]

Chase Won’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer

Let’s say you get a notice that the interest rate on your Chase credit card is going up. You send Chase a letter rejecting the increase and close the account so that you can repay your balance at the current, lower interest rate. You’re done dealing with Chase, right? Maybe not. According a lawsuit recently […]

Credit Card Crackdown Finally Starts Today

The credit card industry has been on a rate-raising, fee-hiking, rule-writing rampage ever since Congress voted to ban its most abusive practices last spring. But that aggravating snit fit is finally over. Most of the Credit Card Accountability and Responsibility Act law’s most important new regulations take effect today. Many of your credit cards most […]

Citi Forward Card Looks Like The Future

The future of credit cards is almost here. The Citi Forward Visa is probably what it looks like. At least on a good day. Everything changes on Feb. 22, when most of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 takes effect. It bans many of the industry’s most abusive practices, and card […]

Credit Cards Should Drop Fee On Donations

The major credit card companies have succumbed to public pressure and stopped taking a cut of some donations earmarked for Haiti disaster relief. But they’re only waiving the usual 3% transaction fee for a few specific charities, and only for the next few weeks. If you want to donate with your credit card, here’s where […]

Nothing “Free” About This Magazine Deal

You’ve got to watch out for all the sneaky ways stores and Web sites are creating to slip recurring charges onto your credit cards. I fell for the “free magazines” that Loehmann’s clothing stores are offering. As I was checking out a cashier said I could sign-up for three free months of the magazines being […]

Store Cards Just Keep Getting Worse

We certainly know that store credit cards routinely charge higher interest rates and more costly fees than other credit cards. But we were still surprised by a “change in terms” letter from the bank that provides cards for many stores, including Victoria’s Secret, Avenue, Limited, New York & Co., Abercrombie & Fitch, JCrew, Express, Pottery […]

How To Get Discover’s 5% Rebate In 2010

Discover Card has promoted its 5% Cashback Bonus on “rotating items” for quite some time. But never knowing what might be eligible for that hefty rebate a few months down the road aggravated more than a few Discover More cardholders. Now Discover is publishing a calendar of future offers on the Web page where you […]

Just Say ‘No’ To Credit Card Fees

Watch out for credit cards asking you to “opt in” to over-the-limit fees. Yeah, it’s seems like a no-brainer to say “no” to that one. When the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act takes full effect on Feb. 22, it will protect consumers from some of the industry’s worst abuses. Penalties for exceeding your […]

Discover Motiva Pays You To Pay On Time

The Discover Motiva credit card has an intriguing bonus for anyone who carries a balance. Pay at least the minimum due on time for six months and Discover will return your last interest payment. Once you accumulate $20, you can receive a gift card to use at one of Discover’s 100 brand-name retail partners, or […]

Sapphire Offers Low Rate And $100 Bonus

There’s been a lot of discussion since we pointed out that the Chase Freedom credit card has one of the best reward programs. So let’s see what you think about the new Chase Sapphire credit card. We think it provides an intriguing combination of cash rebates and interest rates. It charges no annual fee and […]

Chase Card Offers $50 Bonus, Rebates

We think cash is a better reward than points or miles, and the Chase Freedom credit card has one of the best rebate programs right now. You get at least 1% cash back on everything you buy. You get 3% cash back on rotating categories for everyday purchases such as gas, home improvements and department […]

Make 3% With Sears’ Christmas Club

Here’s a way to earn 3% on some of your money between now and the end of November. Sears has created what it calls the Christmas Club. Sign up by Oct. 31 at any Sears or Kmart store, or online at No money is required to open an account. Now figure out how much […]

Banks Rein In Overdraft Fees To Appease Congress, Avoid Needed Regulations

Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and other banks have announced plans to rein in the outrageous overdraft fees they’ve been charging debit card customers. They’re not doing this out the goodness of their hearts. They’re trying to stop Congress from cracking down on their abusive practices. But lawmakers shouldn’t be fooled by the modest […]

Are Fairer Credit Cards Really On The Way?

Credit cards spent the summer imposing draconian terms and higher interest rates before all of the consumer-friendly rules Congress passed last spring can take effect in February. But we may be getting our first glimpse of what life under the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act might really be like — and it’s kind […]

Pay 0% Longer With Capital One

If you have excellent credit, this is the balance transfer deal for you. The Capital One Platinum Prestige credit card offers 0% financing on balance transfers and purchases through September 2010. That’s twice as long as the six months offered by the best deals from other credit cards, such as the Discover More card. When […]

Pay 0% On Balance Transfers For 6 Months

The Discover More card is promoting one of the best balance transfer deals around. It will charge no interest on balance transfers for six months and on purchases made until the last day of the billing period ending in March 2010. (Yeah, we know some cards used to offer 0% for 12 months, but those […]

Credit Cards Rates, Fees Keep Going Up

Well, you can’t say they didn’t warn us. The banks threatened to go on a rate-raising, fee-hiking, rule-writing rampage if Congress approved the Credit Card Accountability and Responsibility Act of 2009. It did, and the result has been an unending stream of letters from my credit cards making good on that threat. But I still […]