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Kardashian Sisters Try To Ditch Debit Card

Confession time.

I have, on occasion, stepped into the lives of the Kardashian sisters.

Famous for doing absolutely nothing except being born into money, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have devoted their lives to exposing their overspending, bratty drama-filled lives to a series of reality shows on E!.

They’re like one giant, untalented, stiletto-ed train wreck. It’s hard to turn away.

Now TMZ says the girls are trying to wiggle out of one of the worst ideas they’ve ever foisted on their fans – their pre-paid debit MasterCard.

The “Kardashian Kard” charges so many fees that the Connecticut Attorney General is trying to figure out if it violates consumer protection laws and Consumers Union (the publishers of Consumers Report) has issued a special warning about it.

We can certainly see why.

Prepaid debit cards are notoriously expensive. And the Kardashian’s pre-paid debit card is the most expensive prepaid debit card we’ve ever seen.

You’ve got to pay $59.95 to open an account and cover the first six months of use, or $99.95 for the first year. After that the monthly fee is $7.95.

It costs $1.50 for every ATM withdrawal, $2 to pay a bill, and $1.50 to talk to someone in customer service.

Transferring money from another debit or credit card to the account costs $1 plus 2.5% of the amount being added.

Lose the card and it will cost $9.95 to get a replacement. Fed up and want to cancel this money-sucking piece of plastic?

That will cost you $6.

Connie Prater over at found this lovely tidbit in the fine print:

“Some fees and charges may be for services that you request that are not included in this disclosure or the schedule of Fees and Charges set forth below, but you agree to pay those fees and charges.”

To quote Prater, “Translation: There may be fees for things we haven’t thought of yet, but you agree to pay those, too.”

All of this has generated so much bad publicity for the Kardashians that TMZ says their legal team sent a letter to the bank that markets the debit card, demanding to terminate the contract.

Whether they can do that, and what might happen to the fans who have already paid for their cards, isn’t clear.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney should have seen this coming.

Even they’re smart enough to recognize they were putting their name on an outrageously expensive their debit card.

What disappoints me is that they’re trying to put a stop to this because it’s hurting their reputation. Hey girls, what about all of the financial pain you’re causing your fans?

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