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How To Get Discover’s 5% Rebate In 2010

Discover Card has promoted its 5% Cashback Bonus on “rotating items” for quite some time.

But never knowing what might be eligible for that hefty rebate a few months down the road aggravated more than a few Discover More cardholders.

Discover More CardNow Discover is publishing a calendar of future offers on the Web page where you must sign-up in advance to qualify for each bonus.

Here’s where and when you can earn the 5% rebate during the first nine months of 2010:

January through March: Airlines, hotels, rental cars and cruises.

March: Grocery and drug stores.

April through June: Home improvement, department and clothing stores.

July through September: Gas stations, hotels, movie theaters and movie rentals.

Unfortunately, a significant restriction remains: Cardholders can only earn the 5% bonus on a limited amount of qualifying purchases.

For the current offer of grocery stores, restaurants and movie theaters, the spending limit is $400. For the travel rebate it will be $800.

Cardholders will also continue to earn a 0.25% rebate on all non-bonus purchases until they’ve charged $3,000 each year. Then the non-bonus rebate jumps up to 1%.

Rebates are redeemable in $20 increments for gift cards you can use to shop Discover’s online stores, for Discover Gift Cards or for charitable donations.

Once you’ve accumulated $50 worth of rebates you can have the money direct deposited into your bank account or credited to your Discover Card bill.

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  1. barry said:
    on January 1st at 10:56 am

    these are the worst reward cards out there!!I was a discover card holder (2 accounts) for about 20 years until 2 years ago. The Discover gas card is a joke!! I now ude the Pennfed card and i get 5% on gas and 3% of supermakets and there are no limits and the $$ is credited to your account the following month! Discover is for people that do not know any better

  2. B said:
    on March 4th at 08:04 pm

    Agree w/ Barry. PenFed Cash Rewards Visa gives your 5% cashback on all gas purchases. I travel frequently for work and this card is awesome. Plus there is no waiting for your rebate, it’s automatically credited the during the statement processing date.