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The Federal Reserve is a Corrupt Banking System

This is Friday’s movie of the day. I’ve posted this clip in the past, but it’s important for everyone to learn how the Federal Reserve is robbing the public.

Watch all five parts of the movie. The first one is playing below.

Read on for clip #2.

1. Corrupt Banking System – Cartels Robbing the Public

2. Corrupt Banking System – How “Money” is Created

3. Corrupt Banking System – Money is Debt

4. Corrupt Banking System – Monetary Reform

5. Corrupt Banking System – Warning About the NWO

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  1. Jesse said:
    on July 18th at 11:49 am

    “Freedom to fascism” is another great documentary about corruption from the federal reserve and taxing. I have not had a chance to watch the video posted here yet but I’ll be sure to do so sometime soon.

  2. khan said:
    on July 18th at 02:59 pm

    bankaholic, your site doesnt allow users to add comments on bank reviews or adding a new bank. please fix it ASAP so that we are aware of what is going on with the banks from the customer point of view.

  3. JoeKonsumer said:
    on July 18th at 08:02 pm

    Watched first video. Well done, but a little misleading. Implies banks when loaning money simply issue claim checks, far exceeding money held in vaults. At one time in US history, banks did issue “bank notes”, but now they use good old US currency like everyone else. When they lend money, they must get this money from somewhere. Generally the money comes from customer deposits & when not sufficient, they borrow money via long term or short term borrowings. The are only required to hold a certain amount of cash reserves on hand, so in this respect, they’ve lent much more than they hold…. I’m not a banker, but video unfairly portrays bankers as unseemly and even evil…. but it is entertaining. Haven’t watched other parts yet, but I suspect the indictment of the Federal Reserve will be equally misleading!

  4. Jesse said:
    on July 18th at 08:16 pm

    JK, the federal reserve act was a “middle of the night” bill passed that, unconstitutionally gave private banks control of our money. Ever since they have put America into debt for their greed. This was the start of private corporations having complete control of this corrupt country (illuminati) of ours. Trust me, nothing misleading needs to be said to indict the federal reserve.

  5. Craig said:
    on July 18th at 08:37 pm

    Joe, Are you sure you are not a banker? What I mean by that is that many of us hold mutual funds, 401K plans, which in turn hold financial stocks and bonds from . . . banks. As a stock holder you are a part owner in a bank. That is one thing that is misleading about the video. It is not a small group of people who are ‘duping’ the public, it is a financial system that is supported by the stock and bond holders of the banks. True, there are CEOs making extremely large salaries; but that is true of most major corporations in America, not just banks. And, as we have seen recently, they can be put to the curb if they screw up.

    Now, aren’t all you bank owners ashamed of your actions! 🙂

  6. Credit Card Blog said:
    on July 24th at 04:30 pm

    Irresponsible borrowing and spending will always get you in trouble.

  7. Dan Tanner said:
    on July 30th at 03:50 am

    Why fight the Feds? They own your destiny. They owned your grand fathers and his destiny too.

    You can’t win with these people, they simply own all your money, even those dollars in your wallet, right now.

  8. Jess said:
    on August 1st at 03:00 am

    Does this also explain why China is rapidly surpassing us? Yes they have more nat resources, more people, but isn’t their currency regulated and created by the Chinese govt?

    Just curious.

  9. Dan Tanner said:
    on August 13th at 08:14 pm

    China and India are booming economies. They are also not fighting perpetual wars and wasting resources. No one has shattered their economic future and created deficits. In fact the growth is so furious that they have to raise rates to curb runaway economy.

    Banks in India pay 8% to 10% interest on CDs, compare that to ours 2-3%. Do a google search and see yourself- it may shock you.

  10. Mark said:
    on September 30th at 11:14 pm

    Proclamation on the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America

    March 2008

    WHEREAS, Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America authorizes Congress “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”;

    WHEREAS, on December 13th, 1913 the US Congress enacted the Federal Reserve System;

    WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve System is considered an independent agency within the federal government, with oversight of Congress and containing appointed public officials on its board of directors;

    WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve System Controls the Federal Reserve Note, the official currency of the great nation of the United States of America;

    WHEREAS, there may be controversies regarding the legality and constitutionality of the Federal Reserve System, it is recognized that the said system has operated continuously as the central banking system of the United States since the inception of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913;

    WHEREAS, the Constitution of the United States of America granted Congress the authority to create the current Federal Reserve System, it also does grant Congress the authority to modify or revoke the Federal Reserve System;

    WHEREAS, the actions of the Fedreral Reserve System represent the credit and currency of the United Stated of America to the citizens of this great nation and to the world;

    WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve System, acting independently within the federal government allowed, supported, and even promoted parasitical and non-productive uses of the money and credit of the United States of America;

    WHEREAS, the United States and likely the entire world’s financial system is undergoing massive de-leveraging of the said parasitical and non-productive uses of the credit and money of the United States of America (as well as other nations’ currencies);

    WHEREAS, the US dollar, the “Federal Reserve Note” is declining in value due to these parasitical activites, as well as potentially other causes;

    WHEREAS, it is recognized that the citizens of the United States and other nations did willingly participate at some level in the creation and propogation of said parasitical activities;

    WHEREAS, it is also recognized that the United States of America, a sovereign nation, has the legal, moral, and God given authority to take actions to benefit its citizens and to protect its good name, credit and money in times of difficulty;

    WHEREAS, it is recognized that the current time is such a time of great difficulty;

    WHEREAS, it is recognized the parasitical financial institutions and their activities are at odds with citizens of the United States of America and the good credit and money thereof;

    WHEREAS, the current indications are that the Federal Reserve System is acting to preserve the financial system currently flooded with the parasitical activities;

    WHEREAS, the current indications are that the neither the Federal Reserve System, nor the Congress of the United States, nor the people of the United States have access to the books of the institutions being preserved by the Federal Reserve, and therefor the degree of inter-connectivity and risk associated with the institutions and other entities cannot be determined;

    WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve System is accepting non-performing assets as collateral for credit with ultimate taxpayer responibility to entities not under its constitutional mandate;

    IT MUST BE CONCLUDED, that the Federal Reserve System is not acting to the benefit of the people of the United States of America, its credit, money, and good name;

    WHEREAS, it is recognized that the political will and capability of the government of the United States of America may not be up to the task of prosecuting this proclamation ; It is also recognized that this may be the only hope for the continued survival of the United States of America as the great nation as it has historically existed.

    NOW THEREFORE, it is PROCLAIMED by those supporting this Proclamation that the Congress of the United States of America FULLY NATIONALIZE the Federal Reserve System, and take full control of the credit and money of our great nation; The Congress must take whatever action necessary to seperate out, sequester, disown, or otherwise neutralize the effect of the parasitical financial activities which led to the current crisis; The Congress of the United States of America must reorganize, replace, or terminate the Federal Reserve System as appropriate; or otherwise devise a system for creation of the national currency.

    IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED, that the Congress of the United States of America in cooperation with the Executive of the United States of America contact allied nations and any other nation willing to participate in the overhaul of the failing and parastical financial sytem currently in operation and create new treaties and alliances as necessary to create a sane and productive system of finance with the express goal of supporting a productive national, and by extension and through voluntary cooperation, world economy;

    FURTHERMORE, it is PROCLAIMED that it should be the goal of such an international effort to maintain fair international trading practices allowing for protection in national interest of labor, resources, and productive capabilities;

    WHEREAS, it is recognized that such a move on the part of the United States of America may result in the necessity of an isolationist policy IF the other developed nations do not follow our lead; If such occurs, so be it.


  11. Jason said:
    on June 8th at 09:26 pm

    You can blame The Federal Reserve for its GOVERNMENT GRANTED MONOPOLY on the currency supply; or, Congress, for failing to repeal legal tender laws which force (under pain of imprisonment) individuals to accept a currency susceptible to devaluation (through inflation of the money supply). Think about it; it is the sole responsibility of CONGRESS to wrest the central bankers stranglehold on this nation’s currency.

  12. Unoblogger said:
    on August 15th at 03:58 am

    Who isn’t corrupt? who can we depend on and who can be trusted?

  13. olde reb said:
    on January 18th at 11:51 am

    a mathematical analysis of the Ponzi scheme federal reserve is available at It shows how the Fed receives the TOTAL value of ALL T-securities issued by Congress—and it is OFF THE RECORD.