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FDIC Insurance Calculator

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) has released an interesting tool called EDIE the Estimator that can calculate your FDIC insurance coverage for each FDIC-insured bank where you have deposit accounts. EDIE lets you know in a printable report for each bank whether your deposits are within or exceed coverage limits.

Basically you type in all your account balances, and ownership type (individual, joint, IRA, etc) and it will generate a printed report on whether your balances are insured.

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  1. Bob said:
    on September 19th at 07:59 am

    I thought the picture was very appropriate. If you have even ten cents left after this crises don’t worry because the Democratic and Republican Parties will make sure your stripped of everything before their done. In exchange for $10’s of millions of dollars in bribes (also known as campaign contributions) elected officials and regulatory heads have violated their oaths office, the Constitution and every norm of honesty. In any other country these people would already be in prison. In the US they are collecting their $30 million dollar severance checks and looking for their next rape opportunity. Sheep on Prozac that’s what we’ve been turned into. And the mass media: lying, manipulating and brainwashing as always

  2. Shari said:
    on September 21st at 10:03 am

    Thank You Bob, well said. What can we do to stop this bail out?
    The media hype of the feds to rescue “we the people”…..balony, they are only bailing themselves out of their dirty business.

    The federal government has no business rescuing that which they do not regulate. I sure hope our congressman/women are smart enough not to be pressured to hurry and fix this. This fix is a long way away from a few days of meetings.

    Otherwise the meeting is nothing other than the fat cats of wall street huddling together to decide which broom to use to sweep their dirty deals under the carpet. Looks like they have chosen the Federal Broom.

    I hope Congress does not fall for this. After all, how many of them will be making this quick decision and who has an accounting degree, or a degree in criminal law?

    It is unreal how many news media spokesman are spouting advice and don’t have a clue……they just want to calm our fears. None of them have accounting degrees so why are they giving financial advice?