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F&A FCU: California Dealin’ On Four Worthy CDs

California may be the most populous U.S. state, but it ranks consistently low on the number of CD deals offered up.

Only two Golden State institutions currently have returns good enough to appear in our constantly updated roundup of the nation’s best-paying credit union and community bank CDs.

Fortunately, one of them – F&A Federal Credit Union – added two new promotions last week.

Along with a pair of deals already on tap, the four certificates all beat the top nationally available returns you can earn from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard:

F&A vs. the CD Rates Leaderboard

Term F&A National lead
12 months 1.36% 1.26%
24 months 1.61% 1.60%
36 months 1.77% 1.75%
60 months 2.38% 2.27%

Each of the CDs requires a $1,000 minimum deposit and carries an early-withdrawal penalty of six months’ interest on the amount withdrawn.

F&A membership is open to those employed by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, by select other local government entities, or by one of about 50 nearby communities that contract with the L.A. fire department.

In addition, any uniformed firefighter nationwide can join F&A at no cost by becoming a member of the Los Angeles County Fire Museum Association, with F&A covering the membership fee.

Joining can be done online or through the mail, and once a member, opening a certificate of deposit can be done by phone or at F&A’s branches in Monterey Park and Whittier.

Of course, before committing to any offer, it’s smart to search Bankrate’s extensive database of the day’s best CD rates to make sure you’re getting the very best deal you can.

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