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EverBank Ties For Top 3- And 5-Year CDs

EverBank clearly doesn’t like to sit tight.

With the latest tweaks to its rate sheet – something it does virtually every Friday – the Jacksonville, Florida, bank has tied the top nationally available 36- and 60-month returns among the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

Paying 1.65% APY on 3-year certificates and 2.31% APY for 5 years, EverBank now shares these top spots with E-Loan, which just took both leads on Monday.

It’s the latest round of jockeying for top billing without offering a substantial rate improvement, something we’ve gotten used to with EverBank.

Although the top 36-month yield has climbed five times in a month – breaking free of the 1.50% APY we saw from mid-January until June – it’s still less than the 1.70% APY savers could earn at the beginning of the year.

As for 60-month returns, those have bobbed up and down repeatedly between 2.25% and 2.35% APY for more than a year now, with the only exception being four days in February when Live Oak Bank paid 2.50% APY.

Operating 10 branches throughout Florida plus a prominent online portal, EverBank requires a $1,500 minimum for its certificates of deposit.

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  1. James K said:
    on July 17th at 07:39 pm

    And EWP….for 5 year CD…but if you are (not) a Rhode Island resident there is a difference…equal protection under the law by FDIC!

    “5-year CD 900 days of simple interest

    “Early Withdrawal penalties will be waived for Account Holders that are Rhode Island residents in the event of death or legal incompetence of all of the Account Holders, as shown in our records.”