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EverBank Slips Back To Top Of 3-Year CDs

The one-upmanship continues.

For the third Friday in a row, we have a new ever-so-slight leader among nationally available 36-month CDs.

EverBank increased the return on its 3-year certificates of deposit from 1.51% to 1.54% APY today, narrowly edging out the previous lead of 1.53% APY held by Silvergate Bank.

The banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard have bumped up the best national yield three times in the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, each new rate has been just one or two hundredths of a point higher.

Still, up is good for a top rate that had been stuck at 1.50% APY since January.

Requiring a $1,500 minimum deposit, Jacksonville-based EverBank operates more than a dozen branches around Florida as well as a robust online portal.

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