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EverBank Offers Top Nationally Available Deals on 1-, 3- And 4-Year CDs

EverBank is showcasing some very worthwhile CD rates this month. The bank has recently bumped up its rates on a number of terms.

Those increases push the Jacksonville-based bank into the top nationally available deals for 1-, 3- and 5-year CDs.

It’s currently paying:

  • 2.73% APY on 1-year CDs.
  • 3.05% APY on 36-year CDs.
  • 3.15% APY on 48-month CDs.

The minimum deposit for all of those deals is $5,000.

If you can’t swing that minimum, look for other great deals from banks like Marcus or Connexus Credit Union, which are offering comparable deals on those terms.

The online application process at EverBank is relatively straightforward. You can open a CD online here.

As always, before you purchase a CD, it’s crucial to comparison shop. Use our CD rates comparison tool to find the best deals in your area of the nation.

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