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Etrade 5.28% APY Money Market $50 BONUS!

E-Trade bank has an offer where you can get 5.28% APY and also a $50 bonus.

The promotional rate is valid only for 3 months. However, the $50 bank bonus you get just for opening an account could make it worthwhile.

Investors often prefer money market accounts with high money market rates – while savings accounts can offer an investor interest on the money put in the bank, in truth the interest associated with today’s money market accounts far surpasses the interest rates associated with saving accounts. High interest rates make money market accounts appealing and some investors choose to put money in both a savings account and into a money market account in an effort to diversify his or her investments.

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  1. elaine n, rodriguez said:
    on November 9th at 11:34 pm

    hi i need a phone # OR MORE INFO ON THE Etrade MONEY Market.

  2. Ken said:
    on January 11th at 01:14 am

    Bankaholic readers should be aware of a significant difference in ETrade Bank’s mm rates and ETrade brokerage’s mm rates. As detailed here,, ETrade offers just 0.5% in taxable money market accounts that have a balance under $25k. While they offer a 2.5% rate on a tax-free mm fund, this makes little sense and provides little solace for a retirement account. Clearly, ETrade finds that competing on mm rate is more important in the online bank sector than in the online brokerage sector.