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ETRADE $25 Savings Account Bonus


ETRADE will pay you a $25 bonus for signing up for their 5.05% APY online savings account. $25 will be credited to your account within 30 days of the account being funded with a minimum deposit of $1.

I think this deal is fairly hot because compared to other online savings accounts, ETRADE’s 5.05% APY interest rate is really competitive. Even compared to CD accounts, this yield is still really good. The only drawback is that ETRADE stock has been taking a hit lately because investors are concerned about their exposure to the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. Good news is that they are FDIC insured up to $100,000.

This $25 bank deal expires 12/31/2007, so act fast.

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  1. shraz said:
    on December 11th at 04:42 am

    Etrade has been great to me. The account management online is one of the best. I really like the ACH transfer and billpay. Online customer service responds fast to questions. Opening new CD’s and other stuff are easily done all online.

  2. Steve Weinberg said:
    on December 12th at 03:49 am

    rate will probably go down after todays drop in interest rates

  3. jacmac said:
    on December 23rd at 05:27 pm

    I opened this account and so far I don’t like it. It took 10 business days for my money to show on the account. There was a hold of five business days for me to active quick transfer, which means I couldn’t send the money about or even set up the account.

    When I finally did set up an account, E*trade never got the initial deposits so I couldn’t activate it. I don’t know what happened or went wrong.

    A rep says three to five business days for money coming in and three business days for money to go out.

    The website is confusing and I don’t recommend this deal. Even though the rate is pretty high, I don’t think it will last long. I’m going to take my $25 and walk.

  4. c said:
    on January 7th at 10:04 pm

    They did the same thing to me too. Etrade never got the initial deposit and then said they have no record of my account. I’m working on it…

  5. Anthony said:
    on March 24th at 05:05 am

    I have over 8 accounts with E-trade. I did all by electronic transfer from my other banks. I will never consider mailing a check to open bank accounts. In any case, my first account, an IRA in 2005 took about a week to open. Its all part of the routine of verifying accounts etc.

    I find their services superb and have nothing to complain about. Even though they say it takes 3 days to transfer money out, it takes just 24 hours for funds from my E-trade accounts to be deposited in my other external bank accounts and it takes about 3 days for funds to move in the opposite direction.