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Earn Up To 4.75% With Reward Checking

High-yield checking accounts aren’t as high-yield as they used to be.

Just a year ago savers had their choice of great-paying, nationally available reward checking offers that paid 5% or better.

Now you’ll have to settle for earning 4% or better.

But any high-yield account that makes our rankings is going to be a far more lucrative investment than any certificate of deposit.

Just check our CD Rates Leaderboard For August 2 and you’ll see what we mean.

You can earn 4.75% APY on balances up to:

$25,000 with Extra-Mile Choice High-Interest Checking from Randolph Bank, with seven branches in the greater Asheboro, N.C. area, and you can now apply online.

You can earn 4.01% APY on balances up to:

$25,000 with My Great Rate Checking from First Clover Leaf Bank, with three branches in Edwardsville, Ill., and one in Wood River — all just across the river from St. Louis.

$25,000 in the Free Rewards checking account from Danversbank, which has 30 branches in the Boston area.

$10,000 with a Smart Checking account at Capital Bank, which has 32 branches in North Carolina.

You can earn 4.00% APY on balances up to:

$10,000 in a Reward Checking account from AmericaNet Bank and Evantage Bank, two online banks owned by the same Oklahoma banking family.

These banks have the most lenient requirements to earn your rewards. You need to make 10 check card sales transactions per month and receive your statements electronically. That’s it.

If you’re unfamiliar with how these accounts work, “The ABCs of High-Yield Checking Accounts” will explain all of the rules.

All of the accounts in our rankings are open to savers in all 50 states and can be opened online.

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  1. DealMaven said:
    on August 3rd at 09:57 am

    Our rate check this morning found The CD Rates Leaderboard For August 2 unchanged.

    When a rate does change, you’ll see it here first.

  2. CrankySaver said:
    on August 3rd at 11:28 am

    As you may recall, we thought that making the new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection a part of the decidedly consumer-unfriendly Federal Reserve was a terrible idea. Elizabeth Warren But President Obama has a chance to make at least some amends by appointing Elizabeth Warren as the bureau’s first director. She’s been a smart and steadfast consumer advocate throughout the financial crisis. Of course the banks don’t want an outspoken critic of them and their government bailout in a position of power. But that’s exactly why we need her. Don’t miss this or any of the other new posts on our Personal Finance blog. You can always reach it by clicking on the “Finance” tab at the top of every page.

  3. DealMaven said:
    on August 3rd at 04:45 pm

    We are not happy about this. Randolph Bank has just posted the following notice on its site: “Due to overwhelming volume, we have restricted our Extra-Mile Choice high interest checking account to residents in North Carolina only. At this time our online account opening link has been suspended and will be available by August 17th for North Carolina residents.”