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Economy Is Booming For The Tooth Fairy

Poll QuestionWhoa. The Tooth Fairy needs to rein in her spending.

Seems she’s leaving kids an average of $3.70 a baby tooth – up 23% from last year.

Sound ridiculous?

Then you’ll love that Visa’s annual survey found that the Tooth Fairy left 10% of kids more than $5 under their pillow, with $20 or more going to 6% and an astounding $50 to 2%.


“The Tooth Fairy is throwing money around like pixie dust,” said Nat Sillin, Visa’s head of U.S. Financial Education, about the survey’s findings.

While losing that first tooth is a pivotal moment for kids, parents should pause for a second before unleashing a Ulysses S. Grant on a 6-year-old.

And keep in mind that 19 more of those baby teeth are soon to follow.

Because just at that $3.70 average rate, the Tooth Fairy is shelling out a total of $74 when all is said and done. (Kids receiving $50 a tooth will end up with an even $1,000.)

The survey of 3,000 adults also revealed that the Tooth Fairy is more generous to kids with younger parents, those in the 18- to 24-year-old age group, who had the highest under-pillow earnings at an average of nearly $5 a tooth.

At least the Tooth Fairy hasn’t completely lost her mind. A third of those surveyed reported that the Tooth Fairy left a dollar, while 36% found a dollar or less.

Honestly, that’s more like it.

“While more money is exciting news for children, parents should take this opportunity to talk saving and smart money habits with their kids and have the same talk with perhaps an overgenerous Tooth Fairy,” Sillin added.




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3 Existing Comments
  1. miguel said:
    on September 17th at 12:33 pm

    $1.00. tops!

  2. Darcy said:
    on September 17th at 01:20 pm

    Ok, I slipped my kid a $20 the day he had a permanent tooth and two baby molars with huge roots pulled. He was a lot braver than I would have been, and they were his last baby teeth. The others? about a buck apiece.

  3. Samantha said:
    on September 17th at 01:21 pm

    We did $5 for the first tooth (because I did not have a single) and then $1 per tooth, plus a book