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NYC Deal: 1.80% On 30-Month CDs

New York City’s Eastbank is paying an impressive 1.80% APY on 30-month CDs.

With the best nationally available 36-month yields currently maxing out at 1.50% APY on our CD Rates Leaderboard, Eastbank offers a substantial earnings boost for a shorter term.

All Eastbank CDs require a minimum $2,500 investment, and although New York residency is not required, a visit to one of its two branches is necessary. They’re located in Manhattan’s Chinatown and the Flushing neighborhood of Queens.

If you visit Eastbank online and are startled by its old-school website, rest assured that the bank is both FDIC-insured and earns a stellar five out of five stars from Bankrate’s Safe & Sound rating system.

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