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East Coast Deal: 36-Month CDs Pay 2%

Hand pressing buttons on a calculatorTransportation Federal Credit Union is celebrating its 75th anniversary with special 36-month CD rates for its 18,500 members near Washington, D.C., and Boston.

It pays 2.00% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit.

That’s more than half of a percentage higher than the top nationally available 36-month CD rate on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

You have to be a member of Transportation Federal Credit Union to buy these certificates of deposit.

Membership is available to members’ immediate family members as well as a long list of employer groups and associations nationwide and near Boston and the nation’s capital. Those include the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration.

But anyone in the Washington, D.C., area can join by first becoming a member of the American Consumer Council, which doesn’t charge a fee if you’re also joining one of its participating credit unions.

Membership requires a $5 deposit in a share savings account.

Members can buy these special CDs online, by phone or in person at one of Transportation Federal Credit Union’s three branches.

Those are located in Washington, D.C., at the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration, and in Cambridge, Mass.

Learn more about Transportation Federal Credit Union at or call 202-366-9400.

See how these returns compare with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

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