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Earn Free Food With Your ExxonMobil Card

If you have an ExxonMobil credit card you should take advantage of its “Fill Your Plate” promotion.

You start by signing up online before Nov. 30, 2010.

You then have 90 days to buy 100 gallons of gas with the card. (The clock starts running when you register.)

When your reach your goal, you get a certificate code in the mail.

You take that code to, where you can obtain the $50 gift certificate and find the 15,000 restaurants across the country where it’s honored.

The offer is only available on personal credit cards, not business or fleet cards.

If you‘re not an ExxonMobil cardholder, you can actually get two dining certificates.

Apply for a card online, or call 1-866-379-1010, and you’ll get a $50 certificate when your account is approved and opened.

Then you’ll receive a second $50 dining certificate once you’ve bought the required 100 gallons of gas.

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  1. lew said:
    on September 20th at 10:53 am

    Does the promotion end in 90 days or will it renew?

  2. Mojave Jack said:
    on September 20th at 12:44 pm

    100 gallons @ $2.50/gal is $250. sells $25 certs for $10, so $50 is really $20 in cash or 8%. But wait, seems to have yearly “sales” where the $25 certs are available for $3, $2, even $1 each. So that can be as low as 0.8%.

    I think I like my 2% Schwab VISA better.

  3. mike said:
    on September 22nd at 08:55 pm

    this is not a good deal.
    i use, and they sell the $25 and $50 cerrtificates most of the time for a few bucks. Then, most of the certificates require you spend more money to redeem, for the $50 you have to spend $100, plus they control the tip. so don’t waste your time on this “deal”