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Earn An Easy $250 Checking Account Bonus In The Midwest

As of Thursday, there won't be any nationally available reward checking accounts paying 4%.

If you live near a Talmer Bank and Trust branch, you can earn an easy $250 if you open a new checking account by March 11.

The bank, based in Troy, Michigan, has 80 locations, primarily in Michigan and Ohio. But it also has a handful of branches in Illinois, Indiana and Nevada.

Talmer will pay you a $250 bonus after you open an eClassic Checking account with a minimum deposit of $50. Then all you have to do is set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $150 per month. You’ll need to receive the direct deposit within 60 days of opening your account.

The direct deposit must be of your paycheck, pension check, or government benefit check, such as Social Security.

Once the first direct deposit lands in your account, you’ll receive the bonus within 120 days.

The offer is only available if you haven’t had a checking account with Talmer Bank in the past year.

The eClassic Checking account carries a $5.95 monthly fee, but you can get it waived easily, just by setting up your direct deposit. You also won’t be charged a monthly fee if you sign up for eStatements or you keep at least $500 in your account.

Each time you use your eClassic Checking account debit card for a transaction of at least $10, you’ll receive 10 cents as part of the My Talmer Rewards program.

There’s no way to open the checking account online, so you should stop by one of Talmer’s 80 branches to open an eClassic Checking account.

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