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Earn 2.30% On The Best Savings Accounts

It’s easy to shake your head in dismay when the most lucrative high-yield savings accounts are paying a paltry 2%.

But then you start counting up all the banks paying their most loyal customers less than 1% on their savings accounts.

Much less in many cases.

Interest rates as low as 0.10% to 0.25% are common, with Chase Bank establishing a miserly standard we hope no one else matches — 0.01% APY on its savings and money market accounts.

It makes you appreciate these top nationally-available, high-yield savings accounts a little more:

2.30% APY with a $250 minimum deposit from Tennessee Commerce Bank, which has a single branch in Franklin, Tenn.

2.06% APY with a $100 minimum deposit from Bank of Internet USA, an online bank based in San Diego.

2.05% APY with no minimum deposit from Ally Bank, the recently renamed GMAC Bank.

Compare those deals with the best savings and money market account rates from hundreds of other banks in our extensive database.

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  1. Matt said:
    on June 16th at 03:05 pm

    Awesome. This information was very useful. Thanks.

  2. asa said:
    on June 16th at 03:52 pm

    Fake bank gmac, fake bankruptcy, fake car company, after loosing many billions of dollars, next comes the real bankruptcies.

  3. Follow the MONEY said:
    on June 23rd at 04:27 pm

    Instead of locking up money at such dismally low interest rates and later paying taxes on what little we earn, we may as well use any “discretionary” funds to fund our IRA account(s), and get (dismal) interest on those funds but also save any taxes on them. Right?!