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Earn 2.25% With Top 3-Month CD Rates

One small, Miami bank is giving short-term CD rates a big boost.

If it weren’t for TotalBank, the best rates on 3-month CDs would have fallen from 1.85% in May, to 1.75% in June to 1.55% this month.

average 3-month cd-rates

But Total’s online special of 2.25% APY (with a $1,000 minimum deposit) is extraordinary in this market.

That’s four times the current national average of 0.55% APY for a 3-month CD, and more than you can earn with all but the top-paying 12-month CDs.

It’s an unheard of 70 basis points more than you can earn with the next two best deals:

1.55% with a $10,000 minimum from FirstFedDirect, the online division of First Federal Bank of California, based in Santa Monica.

(Editors note: For some strange reason First Fed offers this rate everywhere except for California. There, it’s 1.35% APY.)

1.50% with a $10,000 minimum from Affinity Bank. It’s based in Ventura, Calif., with nine branches stretching from San Francisco to Irvine.

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  1. Mark said:
    on July 18th at 12:02 am

    As of 7/17/09 (just four days after this story was published) TotalBank 3-month CD rate is just 0.50% APY.

  2. DealMaven said:
    on July 20th at 09:34 am

    You’re right about TotalBank lowering its rates. Drives us crazy! But they didn’t lower the rate in question to 0.50% APY. We originally quoted the rate on the “online-only special” and the rate on that 3-month CD is now 1.85%.