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Earn 1.85% With The Best 3-Month CDs

3-Month CD Rates

You won’t get rich investing in short-term certificates of deposit like this.

But you have to beat the national average of 0.74% APY or you might as well stuff your savings under the bed.

Here are the top deals on 3-month CDs available nationwide:

1.85% APY with a $2,000 minimum deposit from Imperial Capital Bank, which has nine branches in California, Nevada and Maryland.

1.76% APY with a $1,000 minimum deposit from Nexity Bank, a “banker’s bank” that services and lends to small community banks across the South.

1.75% APY with a $500 minimum deposit from GMAC Bank, an online bank run by the auto financing company.

You can also find good deals at community banks that only accept deposits from local customers. Credit unions often offer their members top interest rates, as well.

Police & Fire Federal Credit Union in Philadelphia is a great example of this. It’s paying a 2.40% APY with a minimum deposit of $500. Membership is open to active and retired police and firemen and their extended families.

American Bank of the North in Biwabik, Minn., is paying 1.81% with a $1,000 minimum deposit.

Hudson City Savings Bank, which serves customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, is paying 1.75% with a minimum deposit of $500.

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