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FREE $50 Discover More Signup Deal

Discover is offering a $50 sign-up deal for signing up for their card and making $500 in purchases. This is not the hottest of deals, but signup deals in general have been getting more and more rare.

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  1. tom b said:
    on August 21st at 04:40 pm

    i signed up for either the same or a very similar discovercard, made 1 purchase, and got a few Garmin GPS out of the deal on once you get the gps, you can even return it to amazon for over $150 of credit.

  2. Rick said:
    on August 21st at 08:02 pm

    I recieved this deal 3months ago and recieved 100.00 cash back after 500.00 in purchases. In fact i recieved another 20.00 cash back for 5% cash back on gas, and another 10.00 for activating it.
    Great deal this card is and if your an apple shopper or numerous other retailers you can recieve 5% cash back as well thru the discover shopping mall.
    But make sure to read the fine print about cash back rewards!

  3. puff said:
    on August 22nd at 12:42 am

    What’s the credit score for this card?

  4. puff pass said:
    on August 22nd at 03:11 pm

    is there such a thing?

  5. Igor said:
    on August 22nd at 04:25 pm

    that “offer” applies only for customers with an excellent credit history