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Dirty Little Secrets Of Home Inspections

Hire a contractor — not a home inspector — to examine any house you’re thinking about buying.

Hire a contractor -- not a home inspector -- to examine any house you're thinking about buying.

You just can’t count on them to tell you what’s wrong with a home because of the three dirty little secrets about the home inspection business.

For about the same amount of money you can hire a licensed general contractor to provide a far more realistic assessment of a home’s condition and how much you can expect to spend on repairs or improvements you’d like to make.

Line one up while you’re looking and have him (or her) ready to step in before you finalize any deal.


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  1. What!! said:
    on December 1st at 08:47 am

    What a conflict of interest. Is this author of this article serious. Ya sure, hire a guy to check out the house and tell you whats wrong and oh by the way he can fix all that stuff for you that he found wrong for a great price. Lets have the fox guard the hen house. HOW STUPID!!! I know of dozens of inspectors who have far more knowledge in all the areas you need than most contractors. Most contractors specialize. General contractors usually know just a little about everything and are not required to continuously educate themselves on all subjects yearly like home inspectors that are parts of a major organization. You think you will get a general contractor to crawl around in an attic on his stomach if needed. The issue is not home inspectors, it is bad home inspectors. The length of time a home inspector has been around, I have found, means nothing. The ones to look out for are those that say it will take 2 hours to inspect your home and are there for that time or less. A quality home inspection is no less than 4 hours for the average 1500-2000 sq ft home. If the inspector is doing 3-4 a day and ASK HIM HOW MANY HE is doing a day! then he is not spending enough time at each house. BUT DO NOT HIRE SOMEONE WHO HAS A SPECIAL INTEREST TO FIND THE PROBLEMS SO THEY CAN FIX THEM. Sorry but your article is written by an I@#OT!

  2. What!! said:
    on December 1st at 08:52 am

    Written by a contractor “job hunter” no doubt- looking for work buddy!!

  3. Been there said:
    on December 6th at 09:12 am

    ‘What’ pointed out most contractors are specialized, meaning you will have to hire a reputable plumber, an electrician, a builder, etc. The fact a contractor doesn’t know everything about all trades doesn’t make them a bad inspector for their area of specialization.

    The home inspector in general knows a little bit about everything and that can be a weakness depending on their life experience. Instead of a ‘Jack of all Trades’, you can have the same thing as an inspector.

    In any case, there are good and bad inspectors as well as good and bad contractors. You need to do some homework before choosing either.