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Dimes Add Up With A Green$ense Bonus

Checking account customers at Citizens Bank and Charter One Bank can earn a dime every time they make an electronic transaction.

All you have to do is enroll your account in the banks’ Green$ense program and follow a few extra rules.

Charter One and Citizens banks have a bonus that pays 10 cents for every electronic transaction.Basically that means getting all of your statements online and making at least 10 debit card purchases or online bill payments a month.

The marketing spin behind this effort is that using “less paper is good for the environment,” hence the name Green$ense.

All types of personal checking accounts are eligible, but to get one you usually have to live in one of the 12 Northeastern and Midwestern states where Citizens and Charter One have branches. (Both are owned by Citizens Financial Group, based in Providence, R.I.)

Although it’s possible to make as much as $120 a year with Green$ense, you’d have to average a staggering 100 debit card purchases and online bill payments a month to do so.

We suspect the annual bonus will be more like $30 or $40 for most customers.

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  1. jparsh said:
    on September 12th at 09:37 am

    I use this and I get about $7 a month, nothing huge but the other reward programs aren’t much better.