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Dime Bank 6.00% Money Market Account Rate

Dime Bank is offering a 6.00% APY money market account interest rate.

Dime Direct Rewards Money Market Account
The introductory 6.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is guaranteed for a three-month period from the date of account opening. It applies to daily balances up to $250,000 for three full months.

Rewards Money Market Account comes with free Internet banking. If you want free Bill Payment, simply open a Perfectly Free Checking Account.

Dime Bank has several physical locations including a location at 33 Broadway in Norwich, Connecticut; a second location in Norwich at 115 West Town Street; a location at 18 Chesterfield Road in Lime Connecticut; a location at 744 Colonel Ledyard Highway, Ledyard Connecticut; a single location at Route 32 in Montville, Connecticut; a location at 668 Bank Street, Shaw’s Cove in New London, Connecticut; a second location in New London at 351 North Frontage Road; a location at Route 97 in Taftville; and an ATM location at 326 Washington Street in Norwich. Meanwhile, the Dime Bank Headquarters is also located in Connecticut at 290 Salem Turnpike and the bank has a single branch in Rhode Island at 131 Franklin Street in Westerly.

Jim Cronin is the current president of the Dime Bank, a bank first established in 1869 in Norwich. In business for more than 130 years, Dime Savings Bank of Norwich later changed its name to Dime Bank and has expanded from a single branch institution to an institution that consists of a total of ten branches. Dime Bank currently offers an array of services including personal banking services like Certificate of Deposits, Individual Retirement Accounts, Interest-deferred Certificate of Deposits, Savings Accounts, and Vacation and Christmas Club offerings. Dime bank also offers Fixed Mortgages and Adjustable Rates, Land Loans, Construction Loans, Home Equity Lines, Home Equity Loans, and Personal Loans.

Business services at Dime Bank vary and include Commercial Checking, Money Market Sole Proprietor Checking, Corporate Daily Access Savings Account, Sole Proprietor Accounts, Non-Profit Interest Checking, Interest On Lawyers ‘ Trust Accounts (IOLTA), and Interest On Real Estate Broker Trust Accounts (IOREBTA). In addition, Dime Bank supplies businesses with access to Corporate Daily Access Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, Interest-Deferred Certificate of Deposit, and Simplified Employee Pension Plans.

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  1. Ann Crum said:
    on August 13th at 12:40 am

    What is the interest rate after the 3 months of @6% is over?
    Is there a minimum balance?

  2. mary simon said:
    on December 16th at 08:35 pm

    Do you still offer 6% Money Market accounts for 3 months?
    If so, what is the min. deposit and what is the rate after 3 months. Can I write checks & is there a min.amount?

    Thank You

  3. Travis Davis said:
    on October 18th at 07:20 pm

    Dime bank url please?

  4. mb said:
    on October 3rd at 01:41 pm

    Carrolton Bank in Maryland is offering a 5% CD for 13 months.
    You must open up a checking account. 4 day customer appreciation. Ends 10/04/08