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Deadbeat ‘Housewife’ Driving Me Nuts

Lynne CurtinLynne Curtain, an icon for ostentatious living from one of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” shows, has been evicted from her rental home over $12,000 in unpaid rent and damages.

Now a judge in Riverside County, Calif., has issued a bench warrant for Curtain and her husband, after they failed to appear in court over $1.2 million they had been ordered to pay a former business partner.

I’m not a rich woman. I make a decent but not exorbitant living. I own a small house. I have some student loans to pay back but I also have modest savings that are growing.

How is it that little ol’ Jen Stryker can be worth more than these Bravo bitches?

Oh, that’s right. Because I live within my means.


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  1. Credit Girl said:
    on January 7th at 01:17 pm

    I agree 100%. You won’t hear any boohooing from me either. I think you’ve pretty much narrowed it down- live within your means. I think that if people didn’t get so caught up in the materialistic aspects to gain status and fame, then they probably wouldn’t be in as much trouble as they are in now.

  2. Zuckerman said:
    on January 7th at 04:46 pm

    Money aside, she is one sexy bitch.

  3. Cat said:
    on January 7th at 05:57 pm

    All of those Louis Vuiton handbags that she and her teenage daughters carry each retail for over $1500 and up. Seriously.

  4. said:
    on January 8th at 05:37 pm

    Zuckerman … I agree.