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Danversbank Leads In 36-Month CD Rates

Danversbank is in sole possession of first place at the top of our rankings of the best 36-month CD rates.

This Massachusetts bank, with more than 30 branches in the Boston area, pays 2.50% APY with a very affordable $500 minimum deposit.

It moved into the lead when Melrose Credit Union cut is return from 2.52% APY to 2.27% APY last week.

The next best nationally available rates on 36-month certificates of deposit are:

2.40% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000 from Kaiser Federal Bank, which has nine branches in Southern California.

2.30% APY with a minimum deposit of $3,000 from NewDominion Bank, which has branches in Charlotte and Mooresville, N.C.

2.30% APY with a minimum deposit of $1,000 from Acacia Federal Savings Bank, an online bank owned by the Acacia Life Insurance Company, of Falls Church, Va.

2.30% APY with no minimum deposit required from Sallie Mae Bank, an online bank owned by the big student loan lender.

All of these banks allow customers to buy CDs online, regardless of where they live.

Compare these returns with the best CD rates from scores of banks in our extensive database.

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  1. DealMaven said:
    on August 30th at 10:20 am

    Check out the top rates on 3-month to 5-year CDs on The CD Rates Leaderboard for August 26.

    The rates didn’t change over the weekend. We checked first thing this morning.

  2. CrankySaver said:
    on August 30th at 02:04 pm

    Chairman Ben Bernanke didn’t say anything that would encourage savers
    struggling to build a nest egg with the puny returns they’re getting on CDs, savings and money market accounts, in his big speech at the Federal Reserve’s annual symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Indeed, Bernanke only mentioned saving once in his address, and that was to note that we’re saving more now, and should therefore be able to spend more, next year. I really don’t think this guy gets it. Don’t miss this or any of the other new posts on our Personal Finance blog. You can always reach it by clicking on the “Finance” tab at the top of every page.

  3. RateRunner said:
    on August 30th at 02:20 pm

    For the first time since the July 4 weekend, no banks were seized and closed by regulators last Friday. The total number of failed banks remains at 118 for the year.

  4. DealMaven said:
    on September 2nd at 10:08 am

    Kaiser Federal Bank dropped its rate on the 36-month CD to 2.15% APY from 2.40% this morning, taking it out of the rankings. Both NewDominion Bank and Sallie Mae Bank moved up to second place with 2.30% APYs.