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Crooks Trying To Profit From Haiti’s Misery

Please don’t fall for the dirt bag scammers trying steal donations intended for the victims of Haiti’s terrible earthquake.

These con artists are already using Web sites and e-mailHaiti earthquake campaigns to pass themselves off as well-known charitable organizations or raise money for totally fictitious charities.

The FBI found more than 4,000 bogus Web sites preying on our generosity after Hurricane Katrina — about 60% of them based overseas.

Make sure your dollars reach the right hands by contributing to the “Haiti Relief and Development” fund of the American Red Cross.

Or go to Forbes magazine, which has identified and created links to 22 other major American charities that have announced Haiti relief programs.

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  1. jefffou said:
    on January 18th at 10:57 pm

    One service that has been particularly helpful to me is the Charity Navigator. In a world where it seems you can trust no one, this group of guys sort through the thousands of non-profit organizations to reveal which ones are legitimate and which ones are simple fakes, designed to get your money.