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Countrywide Bank 5.65% APY 12-month CD

Countrywide Bank has a 5.65% 12-month CD account. This is very competitive rate at a very well-known and stable bank.

I am looking into getting an account here in the next few days for my own money. A 5.65% APY rate guaranteed for 12-months seems like a good deal.

Countrywide Bank is a subsidiary of the Countrywide Financial Corporation and is a member of the FDIC. Started in 2001, after the purchase of the Treasury Bank by Countrywide Financial Corporation, Countrywide Bank offers customers highly competitive interest rates on all deposit accounts. Countrywide Financial Corporation was chartered in 1990.

Countrywide Banks aim is to give customers more for their hard earned dollar and to offer supreme interest rates on interest baring accounts. Working endlessly toward maintaining a significantly low overhead, Countrywide Bank is able to share the savings with customers in the form of higher interest rates and lower fees on banking products.

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  1. A.A.J.F.-New Paltz,NY said:
    on March 10th at 11:58 am

    3/10/07-Countrywide remains among the those banks that are very reliable and secure. I ‘ve had multiple Jumbo CD accounts with them over the past 3 years and still invest with them when practical. Their custom relations personnel are not only courteous but quite competent.
    Respectfully submitted-A.A.J.F -New Paltz, NY

  2. Toby Felaine said:
    on August 17th at 08:39 pm

    Country wide stable? Lets hope so that the walls don’t cave in as the people who are trying to get their money back press against them.

    Toby , Stormville, NY

  3. Tom B said:
    on August 18th at 03:15 am

    Take your money out and run as fast as you can from this failed bank.

  4. Dr. Calvin H. Sturgies said:
    on August 18th at 09:39 pm

    I just completed a no cost, ten year fixed interest only loan with Countrywide. My credit was excellent, and my LTV was in the attractive range. I found Countrywide to deliver on everything it promised. I had explored refinancing with several lenders. Countrywide had the most attractive offering. The individuals handling my loan were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. No pushing or fast shuffling. I would use them again–and refer others to them–without reservation. Please let me know if these comments reach the executive offices; if not, I will need to send a separate note.
    I am a really satisfied customer!

    Cal in California

  5. Susan S. said:
    on September 8th at 11:33 pm

    Tom B., your statement is ignorant. Countrywide has not failed as of yet, and regardless of the outcome of it’s current troubles, deposits are insured. Indeed if it does fail, it could partly be due to those such as yourself who don’t know any better.

  6. maureen said:
    on September 17th at 03:41 pm

    I have found Countrywide to be very reliable. The mortagage company, separate, is the one that is having financial trouble, I believe. I did find it disquieting to have to wait for the money due rather then immediate.

  7. Tanya Cunningham said:
    on October 15th at 12:55 pm

    Don’t you think for a moment that it would be a blow to the business if everyone thinks that banking side is having trouble, so they pull out!

    Not having people use the bank will hurt the bank! It’s FDIC insured people!

    I trust Countrywide Bank with my money. I don’t have a mortgage through them….

  8. J. Caruso said:
    on November 16th at 05:05 am

    Countrywide Bank swindled my 76 year mother which put her into debt. When my dad passed away, country wide called her and convinced her to borrow on her house which was by the way was almost paid for. To make the story short, they gave her money while she was on pension only. Years passed she then could not pay them back because they slowly increased the APR which in the long run…. she had to sell her house.
    You see my mom would not tell us children what had happened to her until the end. Thank you Countrywide for taking advantage of the elderly!

  9. Steve said:
    on March 14th at 11:10 pm

    I have a CD with Counrty wide for $200k due May 16th. I have used my living trust as my beneficiary which lists my three children . If the bank were to fail, which i don ‘t beleive it will, I would be covered for $300k.Time will tell i will report back how things went.

  10. Spoiler said:
    on April 1st at 04:26 pm

    Could anybody twell me how save Countrywide Bank is these days.
    I am ready to invest $ 100,000.00 in a CD for the going rate of 4.20%.
    Thanks for your reply.