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Packers Country CDs Score Big For Savers

Community First Credit Union is offering one of the nation’s top 4-year yields to select Wisconsin savers.

Paying 2.27% APY on a 47-month certificate, Community First’s promotion outdoes the best nationally available 4-year return on our CD Rates Leaderboard by more than a quarter of a percentage point.

Community First is also offering a 17-month CD at 1.37% APY, which offers an edge over the top national 1-year return of 1.30% APY.

Both CD specials require a $10,000 minimum investment but have different early-withdrawal penalties: 6 months’ interest on the 17-month certificate, and 12 months’ on the 47-month CD.

For those willing to open a checking account with direct deposit at Community First, the deal gets significantly sweeter. By qualifying for a 0.40% APY boost, the returns for the 17-month and 47-month CDs become 1.77% and 2.67% APY.

Membership in Community First is open to anyone who lives or works in 12 central Wisconsin counties, including the communities of Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh.

Joining Community First must be done at one of its 22 branches, but after that, members can open a certificate of deposit online, by phone or at a branch.

To find over a hundred more local deals like this one, visit our constantly updated roundup of the top-paying CDs from credit unions and community banks around the country.

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