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Colonial Bank 3.00% 24-month CD

Here’s a low-tech deal for you.

Colonial Bank is selling a 24-month certificate of deposit with just a $500 minimum deposit.

That’s almost twice the national average for 2-year CDs and is one of the best offers you’ll find right now.

But you can’t apply online.

You have to buy the CD in person at one of Colonial’s 340 branches in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Texas. (In a small bow to the 21st Century, you can use the bank’s Web site to find the location nearest you.)

There are lots of small banks (and credit unions) offering “walk in only” deals. You’ve just got to watch their electronic signs, window posters and newspaper ads. Or do what we do. Drop by and ask for a rate sheet.

We don’t usually blog about those deals because they’re available to such a limited number of users. But Colonial is pretty big and it provides a great example of what you can find at smaller banks that don’t have big online divisions.

(Target used to sit up and beg customers to sign up for its credit cards. Now it’s biting them in the butt. Don’t miss this and more on our Personal Finance Blog. Just click on the “finance” tab at the top of the page or right here for Bankaholic’s Personal Finance Blog.”)

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  1. BloggingBanks said:
    on March 21st at 01:18 pm

    Based off the stock price I would say that when your 2 year CD matures, another bank will give you your money back.

  2. James said:
    on March 22nd at 01:30 pm

    Please come back johnS wu with your great rates.

  3. jerseyslam said:
    on March 23rd at 10:32 am

    Dude. Get at grip. Rates just suck right now. I’m searching the Web like everyone else and if I saw something better than this, I’d say so. Johns is a good guy, but he can’t bring back rates that don’t exist.

  4. Kathy said:
    on March 26th at 03:24 pm

    I went to the branch in Irving, TX. The manager was very nice and accommodating. It is an extremely good rate considering what the other banks are offering. Fast service nice bank!