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Clunkers Revived, But Car Prices Going Up

“Cash for Clunkers” is a huge success.

Congress has provided another $2 billion for the popular rebate program to get old, gas-guzzling cars and trucks off the road. That’s why Congress provided another $2 billion to keep the program that pays up to $4,500 for old, gas-guzzling cars and trucks going through Labor Day.

But many car shoppers are surprised at how high new and used car prices are this summer.

Buyers are paying close to sticker price for many new models, and used car prices and 9% higher than they were last year. MORE

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  1. Cars4Charities said:
    on August 11th at 12:15 pm

    Cash for clunkers is taking cars from charity car donation centers since the voucher is so much more than the tax deduction one receives when they donate a car.