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Citizens Access’ CD Rates Are Some Of The Best Around

citizens access cd rates

It’s rare to find a national bank paying the top rate on nearly every CD term, but Citizens Access is certainly trying to do just that.

CD rates from the online bank are highly competitive.

And we consistently see this bank at the head of the pack.

The one caveat is that it does require a somewhat hefty $5,000 minimum deposit to open a CD.

If you can’t quite swing that minimum, check out banks like Marcus and PenFed, who are both offering competitive CD rates with lower minimums.

Overall, CD rates are on the move this month. To our delight, we’ve seen several banks increase their CD rates in the new year.

But we’re not quite there yet. The average 5-year CD pays just 1.44% APY.

Fortunately, Citizens Access is offering more than twice that average on 5-years — 3.15% APY with a $500 minimum.

Of course, it’s always crucial to compare the best CD rates before you purchase.

Read on to learn more about Citizen’s CDs.

Here are Citizen Access CD Rates for Seven Terms:

Citizens Access CD Rates
Term Rate Minimum
6-Month 2.35% APY $5,000
18-Month 2.90% APY $5,000
2-year 2.95% APY $5,000
3-year 3.05% APY $5,000
4-year 3.10% APY $5,000
5-year 3.15% APY $5,000

Requirements to open

You can open up CD from Citizens Access online and fund it with an online transfer or check.

In order to open an account, you’ll need to fill out some personal information, including your name, address, social security number, date of birth and occupation.

The future of CDs

While the Fed rate hikes have pushed some banks to increase their rates, not all will be so quick to react. That makes it crucial to keep an eye out for CDs at banks like Citizens Access that are already on the rise.

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