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Citi Offers Student Credit Card Bonus

These two cash-back cards carry no annual fee.Every summer, Citi offers a nice promotion on its college credit cards just as young adults begin preparing to head to campus.

This year, Citi is adding a $50 and $75 cash bonus, respectively, to two of its student credit cards: the Citi Dividend Card for College Students and the Citi Forward Card for College Students.

The Citi Dividend Student Card offers a $50 cash bonus after making $150 in back-to-school purchases during the first three months.

You’ll also earn a 5% cash-back rebate during the first six months (1% thereafter) on purchases made at gas stations, drug stores, supermarkets and utilities and 1% on all other purchases.

Card holders will earn 2% cash back on rotating categories throughout the year and the cash earned never expires.

A 0% intro APR on purchases for seven months is included, and the standard purchase APR is a variable 13.99% to 21.99% (that’s the prime rate of 3.25% plus 10.74% to 18.74%) depending on creditworthiness.

This card carries no annual fee.

The Citi Forward Student Card is ideal for students who spend less, but want to save more on interest payments.

This card offers a $75 cash bonus after spending $150 on back-to-school purchases (including apparel, books and school supplies) during the first three months.

You’ll earn two ThankYou points for every dollar you spend at restaurants, book stores, record stores, movie theaters and video rental stores and one ThankYou point on everything else.

This card also has a 0% intro APR on purchases for seven months and a standard variable APR of 13.99%, 21.99 or 22.99% (prime rate plus 10.74%, 18.74% or 19.74%).

This card stands out because it enables you to reduce your interest rate by one-quarter of a percentage point — up to a 2% maximum — if you stay under your credit limit and make three consecutive on-time payments.

You will also earn 100 bonus ThankYou points each month you pay on time at least the minimum payment and you stay within your credit limit.

This card also has no annual fee.

If you or your child is getting ready to head off to campus, learn what to look for in a college credit card.

Then compare these cards from Citi with the best student credit card offers in our extensive database.

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