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Citi’s CD Rates Are Just Awful

I’m sure Citi CEO Vikram Pandit was embarrassed earlier this month when shareholders refused to endorse his $15 million pay package.

But you know what I think Pandit should be even more embarrassed about?

The terrible CD rates he’s foisting on all of us.

Everyone’s rates are bad. But Citi’s are among the worst.

The return on every Citi certificate of deposit, with just one meaningless exception, is below average. Often substantially below average.

Here’s the highlight of Citi’s rate chart: It matches the national average return of 0.15% APY on 3-month CDs.

And should you have to settle for average?

You’ll find the best nationally available return on our CD Rates Leaderboard pays four times more than Citi — 0.65% APY from E-Loan.

I know some savers who have checking accounts at Citi want to buy CDs there because it’s convenient to do all of your banking in one place.

But I can’t find a single Citi CD I can recommend as even a piddling, mediocre deal. (Even though the 3-month CD has an average return, who’s buying 3-month CDs right now?)

Citi can vary its CD rates by the 16 regions it divides the United States into, so you should input your ZIP code on the website.

But the majority of states fall into its “national region,” where a minimum deposit of $500 will get you a:

6-month CD rate of 0.15% APY versus an average rate of 0.22% APY and a Leaderboard rate of 0.85% APY.

12-month CD rate of 0.25% APY versus an average rate of 0.33% APY and a Leaderboard rate of 1.15% APY.

24-month CD rate of 0.30% APY versus an average rate of 0.52% APY and a Leaderboard rate of 1.25% APY.

36-month CD rate of 0.50% APY versus an average rate of 0.68% APY and a Leaderboard rate of 1.55% APY.

60-month CD rate is 1.01% APY versus an average rate of 1.13% APY and a Leaderboard rate of 1.91% APY.

To see how much better you can do, compare Citi’s returns with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our extensive database.

It was big news when 55% of Citigroup’s shareholders refused to endorse the million-dollar pay packages the bank’s board of directors had approved for its five top executives.

The vote was hailed as a blow against overpaid CEOs and the growing income gap between the rich and the rest of us.

I just wish there was half as much outrage over the pitiful returns Citi is paying its loyal customers.

You can learn more about Citi’s interest rates at or by calling 800-374-9500.

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  1. john said:
    on April 29th at 02:31 pm

    Wells fargo and capital one is worse.

  2. Kathy at Bankaholic said:
    on May 7th at 08:46 am

    Nothing’s changed — Citi’s rates remain the same.