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Chase PerfectCard 6% Back on GAS!!

Choose the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard and get:

  • 6% rebates on ALL gas purchases at ANY gas station for the first 90 days
  • 3% rebates on ALL gas purchases at ANY gas station after the first 90 days
  • 1% rebates on ALL other purchases made anywhere3
  • 0% Intro APR*

Gas prices are killer lately! I’m paying about $3.50/gal for the cheapest octane, so I’ve been researching ways to get cashback on gas. The only catch with this Chase credit card is that it only pays 6% cashback for the first 90 days. Still not bad though, considering I spend $300+/month on gas alone.

Chase PerfectCardâ„¢ MasterCard®

Rebates are automatically credited toward future purchases made on your card.
Refuel and save money on gas anywhere that accepts VISA or MasterCard credit cards.

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  1. nextcard visa credit card said:
    on August 6th at 08:37 pm

    nextcard visa credit card nextcard visa credit card

  2. Thomas said:
    on June 20th at 05:17 pm

    Offer is just good for 90 days

  3. James said:
    on July 28th at 06:43 pm

    This is not a bad card. Of course you should discount the 6% deal (it is 3% after 90 days), but the attraction is that it is a gas card that is widely accepted because its a mastercard, and the fact that there is no annual fee means that it is safe to keep as a spare card. Be aware that the 0% deal on purchases is only introductory so don’t get used to holding a balance on it.