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Chase Checking Account $150 Bonus

This offer just arrived in the mail.

Open a new Chase Bank checking account before June 30 and get a $150 bonus.

We were surprised that there’s no mention of this on Chase’s web site.

The bank has heavily promoted similar deals there, including last winter’s $50 bonus for new personal checking accounts and $200 bonus for new business checking accounts.

You’ll also need a “coupon code” from the mailing to qualify for the bonus,

The on-line application has a section called “Account Options” where you’re asked if you have a coupon code and provided a box to enter the 16-digit number.

We’re generous guys at Bankaholic, so we’re happy to share our coupon code with you: 3469485147633085

We don’t know if that will work for everyone. Try it and see.

The fine print says you have 60 days from the time you open the account to deposit at least $100 in new money. Within 10 days of doing that, the $150 bonus will be added to your account.

If you try and close the account in less than six months, Chase will take the $150 back.

One final thing that came up after we wrote about the $50 checking account bonus from TCF Bank. This money is regarded as interest, and you will pay taxes on it.

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18 Existing Comments
  1. james Cagny said:
    on May 14th at 03:24 pm

    one time use code

  2. RateRunner said:
    on May 14th at 05:08 pm

    Rats. I was hoping we weren’t that special.

  3. Bobkatt said:
    on May 17th at 02:04 pm

    I applied on-line ,they would’nt give me the 150.00 but they gave me $100.00,but I had to open a savings acct. also. with their extra low interest rates I will be closing this out in 6 months.

  4. Mwest65 said:
    on May 19th at 10:40 am

    I just went online and chatted with a Chase rep, they stated it is an offer that is being sent out randomly and to Chase card holders only.

  5. sergio said:
    on May 19th at 02:20 pm

    can CURRENT chase members take advantage of this in ANY way?

  6. Shelley said:
    on May 22nd at 07:23 am

    I recently got $125 from Chase for opening a checking account with them, wonder if I could open another one and get this $150…

  7. melissa said:
    on May 23rd at 02:44 pm

    coupon is one time use. will not honor but it was worth a try.

  8. said:
    on June 4th at 09:26 am

    Hey a $100 is better than getting no bonus. Maybe if someone postsa link to the offer ,there might be a chance to get $150 for opening an account with Chase though?

  9. Mary Ann said:
    on June 24th at 07:35 pm

    I got it from a local branch and was not a new customer.

  10. Ernesto Vilallalobos said:
    on July 3rd at 03:48 am

    I just stop by a chase branch @ cerritos did not help me at all, I will never go there again.

  11. Random Guy said:
    on July 15th at 11:47 am

    get either $125 or $100 if you use a chase atm machine with ANY other banks debit card

  12. david walker said:
    on March 25th at 08:30 am

    i open a chase business account and i have a saving and a checking

  13. A. said:
    on May 19th at 08:50 pm

    Stop Bitching its free $$$ you’d earn less in a liquid interest bearing acct newayz!

  14. Ron said:
    on May 24th at 07:54 am

    I just applied “online” for a new checking account at Chase. I used the “code” of the card I received in the mail. At the end of filling out several screens of information (it’s not really that bad), I got a prompt saying that it would probably take 2 days for new account request to be processed. They will mail me new checks. And I’ll get $150.00 deposited into my checking account as soon as I make 5 (five) debit card transactions using a PIN. (note…I don’t think I’ve ever used a debit card before, always credit cards). But for a free $150, I am more than willing to do 5 debit card transactions per month. For any month that you forget to do 5 debit transactions, there will be a $6 monthly fee. I didn’t have to open a savings account…although they sure tried to get me to do that. I’m quite sure it will be approved, since I set up the “initial deposit funding” ($100.00) from a credit card … and the credit card company has already reduced my available credit by $100 within 10 minutes of applying for the Chase free account with $150 bonus.

  15. joanna said:
    on June 16th at 11:10 pm

    chase bank is wery friendli to costumers bravo gothis way.!!!

  16. Jon said:
    on June 24th at 12:21 pm

    Does anybody have any current code? I got a card in the mail but someone threw it out!

  17. Hedy said:
    on November 26th at 07:15 pm

    I opened an account as advertised with Chase.
    Now that I switched payroll direct deposit and did what they asked.
    I AM NOT getting my promised money!!!
    They said I had to walk in the door with a coupon code!
    The “Personal Banker” did not explain that fact. I opened on 7/09/2010
    and was told to wait up to 3 months!
    Can you help?
    Let me know what to do!

  18. Sheryl said:
    on June 17th at 11:34 am

    Class-action law firm sought to sue Chase. I opened a new account with a $125 promotional offer. Chase took my deposit (which I have yet to receive back), then closed the account without disclosing any reason.

    I want to sue for my money they accepted and have not returned and for alleged fraud.