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Centennial Bank Variable 5.37% APY Rate Passbook Account

Centennial Bank has a 5.37% APY online money market savings account right now. The minimum balance needed to get this rate is $50,000.

Centennial Bank focuses on both personal finance and business finance: offering a lineup of extensive financial services. Centennial Bank has been in business since 1904: starting with the act of addressing the financial needs of communities located in Arkansas. A century later, Centennial Bank received a new name to acknowledge the 100 years of quality financial services and customer service it has provided and continues to provide communities.

Centennial Bank has opened up its services outside the boundaries of Arkansas by providing Internet banking options to consumers. Standard checking accounts, interest earning checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, individual retirement funds, Roth accounts and mortgages are just some of the personal financial services offered by Centennial Bank. Meanwhile, Centennial Bank also delivers superlative business financial services: business checking accounts, money market accounts, debt organization and collection services, cash concentration and disbursement options, direct deposits, corporate payments, tax payments, account transfers, wire transfers, and more are supplied by Centennial Bank.

Centennial Bank’s main branch is situated in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the bank has an additional five physical branches in the state of Arkansas. Centennial Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), thereby insuring qualified deposits up to 100,000 dollars. In additional to the financial services offered by Centennial Bank, one can access money saving advice and tips offered by the institution. Centennial Bank’s current logo is “Banking the Way You Want It” – since Centennial Bank offers such an extended line up of financial services, it is not difficult for Centennial Bank to remain true to such a statement.

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  1. Kari Marx said:
    on October 12th at 10:40 pm

    Live in Oak Brook IL and looking for a money market account

  2. said:
    on November 9th at 06:42 am

    best money market rates

  3. said:
    on November 12th at 07:52 pm

    does anyone have a centennial bank review?

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