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CD Rates Leaderboard For October 18

There have been no changes in the best nationally available CD rates since last week.

But every indication is that the Federal Reserve is going to resume buying billions of dollars worth of Treasury bonds after its policy-setting committee meets on Nov. 2-3.

That will keep interest rates moving down in an increasingly desperate attempt to not only stimulate economic growth but push prices higher.

Yes, that’s right, the Fed is now out to boost the inflation rate because it views deflation, or falling prices and wages, as a bigger more dangerous threat.

3-Month CDs Nexity Bank 0.86% APY $1,000
6-Month CDs Aurora Bank 1.15% APY $1,000
12-Month CDs Melrose Credit Union 1.51% APY $5,000
24-Month CDs Bank of Internet 1.79% APY $1,000
36-Month CDs Melrose Credit Union 2.27% APY $5,000
60-Month CD Melrose Credit Union 3.03% APY $5,000

All of these banks accept online applications for certificates of deposit from customers in all 50 states.

We include Melrose in our rankings because it has a unique charter that allows anyone to join for only $1, regardless of where they live or work. You will also be required to hold at least $25 in a savings account.

Compare these returns with the best CD rates from scores of other banks in our database.

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  1. DealMaven said:
    on October 19th at 10:39 am

    No changes on the CD Rates Leaderboard for Oct. 18.

    We’ll check tomorrow morning and let you know the outcome.

  2. DealMaven said:
    on October 20th at 10:01 am

    The CD Rates Leaderboard is still good.

    At a time when we see rates going down almost daily, at least we know that the very best of those rates are still available.