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CD Leaderboard: Top National 3-Year CDs Now Pay 1.66%

CD rates Leaderboard

Once again, E-Loan has decided whether or not it wants to lead one of the terms on our CD Rates Leaderboard of the top nationally available bank yields.

And yet again, its decision has dealt another blow to the already suffering 3-year term.

An online portal of Popular Community Bank, E-Loan lowered its 36-month return this morning from the unimpressive yet top-billed national rate of 1.70% to 1.65% APY.

With this drop, E-Loan cedes the lead to three banks paying 1.66% APY: Silvergate Bank, State Bank of India-Chicago and State Bank of India-New York.

E-Loan has been toying with its 36-month rate since January, when it gave up the 1.85% APY it unveiled in July.

That was the best leading 3-year return we’d seen since 2011.

But despite an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve in December, E-Loan has repeatedly yo-yoed its rate between 1.65% and 1.75% APY, with more than a half-dozen moves since January.

Among today’s new 36-month leaders, both of the State Bank of India contenders are independent U.S. branches of one of India’s four largest banks. Both are FDIC insured and accept CD deposits from savers nationwide.

The third co-leader is California-based Silvergate Bank, which operates four branches in the San Diego area and offers its nationwide CDs online.

In addition to our Leaderboard, you can always search the day’s best nationally available CD rates here.

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