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Here’s Where To Earn More Than 1% On A Savings Account Without A Big Balance

Cardinal Bank is allowing savers in the Washington, D.C., area to earn 1.09% APY on a First Choice Savings account with a balance of just $500.

Could Capital One Have An ‘Essential Savings Account’ For Your Money?

If you live near a branch of Capital One Bank and don’t have a savings account there already, you can earn an impressive 1.25% APY on a new “Essenatial” savings account.

New National Leader In Savings Accounts Pays 1.25% On Big Whoppin’ Deposits

UFB Direct, a San Diego-based online bank, is paying 1.25% APY on balances of $25,000 or more, or what you’d earn from the best nationally available 12-month CDs.

Would You Bank At Walmart?

Does an FDIC-insured checking account with no overdraft fees and no minimum balance requirements sound good to you?

MySavingsDirect Boosts Its Savings Rate

For the whole of 2014 MySavingsDirect has offered a competitive 1% APY savings account. That yield just got a bit better, after this online division of Emigrant Bank raised its rate to 1.05% APY.

Bank Offering Top Savings Account Rate Will No Longer Open New Accounts

If you were waiting to open a savings account at The Palladian PrivateBank (, you’ve waited too long.

5 Banks Now Pay At Least 1% On Savings

For the first time in more than 2 ½ years, five banks are offering a savings account rate of at least 1% APY available to all U.S. savers.

Top Savings Rate At 1 1/2-Year High

For the second time in a week, we have a new leader among the best nationally available savings account rates.

New Leader Shakes Up Savings Accounts

Just when it seemed things would never improve, CSB Direct has swooped in and reclaimed the top spot in our rankings of the best nationally available savings accounts.

Switching Savings Accounts? Start Here

If you haven’t followed what’s happened with the best savings account rates, you haven’t missed much. Since March, three banks have offered a nationally available rate of at least 1% APY.

3% Checking Rate? But Wait, There’s More

Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union in Mississippi is swimming against the tide, offering a savings account that pays a full half-percentage point more than the best nationally available savings rate.

Credit Union Savings Pays 1.05% To All

A savings account that pays more than 1% APY is rare. Finding one with no strings attached is nearly impossible.

2-City Deal: Savings Account Pays 1.05%

It’s been two years since we wrote about the FreeMONEY Savings account at the Pittsburgh-based Dollar Bank. In March 2012, the bank paid a great-for-the-time 1.50% APY. It’s down to 1.05% APY today, but that still tops the best deal on our list of offers available to all U.S. savers.

Michigan Savings Account Guarantees Rate

Flagstar Bank has a savings account for Michigan residents that offers a competitive yield — if you treat it like a 6-month CD.

For Sweet Savings Rates, Look Local

It’s become quite clear that if you want to find a savings rate greater than 1%, you’re going to have to look locally.