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Best Yield: MMA Vs. Savings Account

One thing savers used to count on from the best MMAs was a higher yield. Not anymore.

Top MMA Rates Hold Steady For Years

The top nationally available MMA rate has remained unchanged for 10 months.

Florida Deal: MMA Pays 1.25%

Residents in nearly four dozen Florida counties can open a money market account at City County Credit Union that pays 1.25% APY – well above the highest rate available nationally.

Guaranteed Rate With Philly Money Market

Pennsylvania savers can lock in a competitive money market account yield with no cap on the amount of money you can have in your account to earn that rate.

Less Competition For MMAs Than Savings

We’re starting to see a role reversal between savings and money market accounts.

East Coast Deal On Savings, MMA Accounts

Tri-State residents who prefer to keep their cash close at hand can open a money market account or a savings account at Cross River Bank in Teaneck, N.J., that pay nearly as much as the big national online banks do for savings and MMAs.

MMAs Still Haven’t Hit The Bottom

If it’s even possible, money market accounts are in worse shape today than they were at the beginning of 2013.

Florida Deal: MMA Pays 1.75% For 90 Days

When I saw the ad in my local newspaper, I had to look twice. NorthStar Bank in Tampa, Fla., has a money market special that pays 1.75% APY for 90 days.

The One MMA To Make Us Jolly

We’ve spent a good deal of time lamenting the sad state of money market rates. And with good reason.

IncredibleBank Raises MMA Rates

For the first time in months, a bank has actually bumped up its money market account rates.

Large Credit Union Offers Competitive MMA

One of the country’s largest credit unions is offering a money market account that’s very competitive with the best nationally available deal.

Money Market Account Or 6-Month CD?

It’s bleak everywhere. But is it bleak enough to recommend the lowly 6-month CD over a money market account?

Huntington Bank Offers Competitive MMA

It doesn’t happen often, but a major regional bank is offering a money market account that rivals the best nationally available deal, and savers in all 50 states can open one online.

Money Market Accounts: Avert Your Eyes

While the stock market is soaring thanks to the Federal Reserve, money market account rates are sinking fast.

Money Market Account Or 1-Year CD?

Two months ago, we wrote that nationally available money market accounts were performing better than savings accounts or 12-month CDs.