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Marcus Offers Top CD Rates Across The Board

If you’re in the market for a CD, Marcus is worth a look. It’s offering great deals on nearly every term.

PenFed Is Offering Some Of The Best CD Rates In The Country

Pentagon Federal Credit Union still remains on our list of the top CD deals available in the country.

KS StateBank Pays Top Deals On Jumbo CDs Nationwide

KS StateBank is paying top returns on a range CDs. Don’t miss these deals.

BMO Harris Is Offering Very Attractive Promo CDs Right Now

BMO Harris is offering attractive promos on 18-, 30- and 60-month CDs. Always check back for the best CD rates available.

EverBank Offers Top Nationally Available Deals on 1-, 3- And 4-Year CDs

EverBank is offering top deals on 1,-, 3- and 5-year CDs. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates available.

Connexus Credit Union Offers National CD Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

Connexus Credit Union is offering top deals on CD terms nationwide. Check back for the best deals on CDs.

University Of Iowa CU Is Offering A Slam Dunk On 7-Month CDs

The University of Iowa Community Credit Union now has a deal on 7-month CDs that’s certainly worth checking out.

CommunityWide FCU Offers Can’t-Miss Nationwide 6-Month CD Deal

CommunityWide Federal Credit Union is offering a great deal on 6-month CDs.

3-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 2.70% Nationally

Don’t settle for average returns when you can make up to 2.70% APY from two of these top nationally available deals on 36-month CDs.

1-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 2.22% Nationally

The top national 1-year CD now pays 2.22%, while the top local deal pays 1.69%. Always check for the best CD rates.

5-Year CD Rates Roundup: Take Home 2.87% Nationally And Locally

The top nationally available 5-year CD is offering up to 2.87%. Meanwhile, the top local deals are offering up to 2.75% as well.

Pick Up A Tough-To-Beat 2.1% On 30-Month CDs Nationwide

ESBS Direct and its parent company East Boston Savings Bank are offering 2.21% on 30-month CDs, beating the top national 3-year term on our CD Leaderboard. Check back on Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

Michigan Deal: Earn 1.81% On 18-Month CDs

Michigan One Community Credit Union is offering 1.81% APY on 18-month CDs, beating the top 12-month CD on our CD Leaderboard.

Massachusetts Savers Can Benefit From Special 4-Year CD At Bay State Savings

Bay State Savings Bank is paying 2.00% APY on 48-month CDs purchased at one of its branches in Worcester, Auburn and Holden.

GS Bank Is Offering Top CD Rates

If you’re in the market for a CD, GS Bank is worth a look. It’s offering great deals on nearly every term.