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Connexus Credit Union Offers National Deals Worth A Look

Connexus Credit Union is offering top deals on four terms nationwide. Check back for the best deals on CDs.

Check Out Ally’s 11-Month No-Penalty CD

Ally Bank is offering 1.35% APY on its 11-month, no-penalty CD. That’s better than many of the CDs we’ve seen available lately. Make sure to check out this deal.

Veridian’s Nationally Available CDs Are Tough To Beat

Iowa’s largest credit union, Veridian, is offering quality CD rates to savers nationwide. And it has some great deals on 15-, 25- and 39-month CD rates.

University Of Iowa CU Is Offering A Slam Dunk On 16-Month CDs

The University of Iowa Community Credit Union now has a deal on 16-month CDs that’s certainly worth checking out.

Michigan Deal: Earn 1.46% On 18-Month CDs

Michigan One Community Credit Union is offering 2.02% APY on 48-month CDs, beating the top 48-month CD on our CD Leaderboard.

Check Out These Banks Offering Bump-Up CD Promotions

When markets expect interest rates to move up, bump-up CD promotions start to become more popular. And we’re certainly seeing a few more these days.

Synchrony Bank Bumps Up Its CD Rates Again

Synchrony Bank is offering top rates on a range of CD terms. If you’re in the market for a CD, Synchrony Bank CDs are certainly worth a look.

Here’s Where To Find The Cheapest Early Withdrawal Penalties

With interest rates going up savvy savers will be looking to secure the highest possible yield on long-term certificates of deposit that impose a relatively small early withdrawal penalty.

Take Home 1.27% On 11-Month CDs In The Great Lakes State

Community Choice Credit Union is offering a nice alternative to 24-month CDs.