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Top CD Rates Begin Long Climb Back

With the exception of 3-month CDs, all of today’s top yields have surpassed the leading returns of four years ago. Always check Bankaholic for the top returns on certificates of deposit.

EverBank Now Shares Top 4-Year CD Rate

EverBank is now paying 2.00% on nationally available 48-month certificates of deposit, creating a three-way tie on our CD Rates Leaderboard. You can count on Bankaholic to have the best returns.

Nationwide Offer: 1.51% On 15-Month CDs

All savers can join USALLIANCE Federal Credit Union and take advantage of this deal, which beats the best national return from the banks on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

Two CDs Stand Out On Veridian Rate Sheet

Iowa’s largest credit union is promoting a 25-month CD at 1.70% APY and a newly increased 39-month certificate paying 2.25% APY. Always check Bankaholic when you’re looking for the best returns on certficates of deposit.

Three-State Deal On 18- And 60-Month CDs

The return from General Electric Credit Union beats the best nationally available rate and is open to savers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Idaho CU Targets 13- And 23-Month CDs

Westmark Credit Union is paying 1.50% on 13-month CDs and 1.50% on 23-month certificates of deposit. You’ll always find the best best CD rates on Bankaholic.

Top 3-Year CDs Make Some Progress In ’15

Don’t settle for average returns when you can make up to 1.51% APY from one of these top nationally available deals on 36-month CDs.

Detroit Deal: 1.50% On 18-Month CDs

TCF Bank is offering that deal to any Michigan resident who comes into one of its 50 Detroit area branches. Bankaholic has all of the best CD rates.

Short-Term CD Specials For Boston Savers

Rockland Federal Credit Union is paying 1.40% APY for either 11 or 18 months certificates of deposit with a minimum $500 deposit. That’s the kind of competitive deal you’ll always find at Bankaholic.