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Sole Leaders On 6- And 24-Month CDs After AloStar’s Rate Sheet Shake-Up

AlsoStar Bank of Commerce dropped its rates on 6- and 24-month CDs, leaving new fewer leaders at the top of those terms.

HOT DEAL: Earn Nearly 7% APY On 7-Month CDs Nationwide

NRL Federal Credit Union is paying a whooping 6.73% APY on 7-month CDs, beating rates on every other term. Get it while it’s hot.

Earn 1.75% On 13-Month CDs From Tropical FCU In Florida

Tropical Financial Credit Union is offering 1.75% on 13-month CDs, beating the top national 12-month CD!

Warsaw Federal Offers 1.52% On 18-Month CDs

Warsaw Federal Savings & Loan Association is offering 1.52% on 18-month CDs, beating out our top nationally available 2-year CDs.

Wakefield Offers Worthy Deal On 30-Month CDs To Boston Savers

Wakefield Co-Operative Bank is offering a 1.65% on 30-month CDs, nearly beating out our top national 36-month CD rate.

National 36-Month CD Leader Now Pays 1.75%

E-Loan raised its rate to 1.75% on 36-month CDs, setting the pace for the best CD rates in that term.

6 State Deal Pays 1.50% On 15-Month CDs

Beehive Federal Credit Union offers 1.50% on 15-month CDs, beating our top national 12-month yield.

Crescent Bank Offers Hot CD Deals In Louisiana

Crescent Bank is offering top deals on 30-, 36- and 48-month CDs, beating out our top national deals!

Take Home 1.60% On 25-Month CDs In New York

The Summit Federal Credit Union is offering 1.60% on 25-month CDs, beating out the top national 24-month CD deal!