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Discover Bank Hikes CD Rates

Discover Bank used to offer some of the top nationally available CD rates in the nation.

National Deal: 2-Year CD Pays 2%

New Jersey-based XCEL Federal Credit Union hits 2% with its special 24-month CD rates.

Two Banks Share Top 12-Month CD

For the second consecutive month, the very best 12-month CD rates have improved, and now three banks share the top spot on our CD Rates Leaderboard.

Highest CD Rates Roundup For Aug. 15

Banks lost interest this week in fidgeting with their CD rates. Even EverBank!

2014 CD Rates: The Great Wait

Are banks and credit unions throughout the country waiting for something?

A Big Credit Union Surprise, Or Why You Should Always Read Account Disclosures

The implication is that this credit union reserves the right to lower the rate on an outstanding fixed-rate CD, without the consent of the member, upon such prior notice.

Lower Valley CU: Top Washington CD Rates

The movement we’re seeing in 36-month CD rates nationally is filtering to local markets, too.

TruMark Financial Offers Top Philly CDs

TruMark Financial Credit Union has three competitive CD rates for its 96,000 members in southeastern Pennsylvania.

2-Year CDs Swap Top Leaders

There have been more than a few changes in the last month among the banks offering the most competitive 24-month CD rates.