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Washington Deal: Top Returns On Four CDs

HAPO Community Credit Union is beating nationally available returns on 30-, 36-, 48- and 60-month CDs for lucky savers in the Pacific Northwest.

New Leader In 3- And 6-Month CDs Pushes Up Top Returns Morning After Fed Meeting

California First National Bank has boosted its 3-month CD rate to 0.60% APY and its 6-month CD rate by nearly a half of a percentage point, to 1.00% APY.

Maryland CD Deal: 1.50% For 15 Months

Revere Bank has a special 15-month CD for Maryland savers from Annapolis to suburban Washington and Baltimore, that pays 1.50% APY.

Synchrony To The Rescue With Higher CD Rates…Now Leads 1-, 2- And 3-Year CDs

Synchrony Bank raised the yield on three nationally available CDs today and now leads two terms on our CD Rates Leaderboard and co-leads a third.

Nationwide Cutting Top 3-Year CD Rate

Don’t settle for average returns when you can make up to 1.45% APY from one of these top nationally available deals on 36-month CDs.

Leading 6-Month CDs Show No Sign Of Life

The best nationally available return on 6-month CDs is a pitiful 0.82% APY, down from 0.90% APY at this time last year.

Northwest Deal: 1.61% On 15-Month CDs

Horizon Credit Union has a history of offering decent specials to Idaho, Montana and Washington savers and this odd-term CD carries on that tradition.

Top Return On 5-Year CDs Falls Again

The top nationally available 5-year CD rate has fallen for the second time this year. Five banks now offer the best return of 2.25% APY.

Indiana Deal: 1.50% On 26-Month CDs

Here’s a little something that should cheer up at least some disappointed Colt fans.

Link Federal Credit Union is paying Indianapolis area savers 1.50% APY for 26-month CDs.
That’s more than the best nationally available 24-month return of 1.35% APY on our CD Rates Leaderboard.
Link mostly serves special employee groups. It started out as the credit union [...]