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Check Out These Banks Offering Bump-Up CD Promotions

When markets expect interest rates to move up, bump-up CD promotions start to become more popular. And we’re certainly seeing a few more these days.

3-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 2.10% Nationally

Don’t settle for average returns when you can make up to 2.10% APY from two of these top nationally available deals on 36-month CDs.

Veridian’s Nationally Available CDs Are Tough To Beat

Iowa’s largest credit union, Veridian, is offering quality CD rates to savers nationwide. And it has some great deals on 15-, 25- and 39-month CD rates.

EverBank Offers Top Nationally Available Deals on 2-, 3-, and 4-Year CDs

EverBank is offering top deals on 2-, 3- and 4-year CDs. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates available.

GS Bank Is Offering Top CD Rates

If you’re in the market for a CD, GS Bank is worth a look. It’s offering great deals on nearly every term.

2-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 1.85% Nationally, 2.00% Locally

We are constantly searching for the best nationally available deals on 24-month CDs. That’s why you can always find the best returns on

6-Month CD Rates Roundup: Top National Deal Pays 1.37%, Local Pays 1.49%

The best nationally available return on 6-month CDs has held at 1.37%. But you can find better CD rates on local deals. Always look for the best deals on Bankaholic.

1-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 1.70% Nationally, 1.69% Locally

The top national 1-year CD now pays 1.70%, while the top local deal pays 1.69%. Always check for the best CD rates.

5-Year CD Rates Roundup: Take Home 2.40% Nationally, 2.71% Locally

The top nationally available 5-year CD is offering up to 2.40%. Meanwhile, the top local deals are offering up to 2.71%.