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Freedom Credit Union’s 30-Month CD Is Worth A Look

Freedom Credit Union is offering 3.05% on 30-month CDs, beating the top national 3-year CD rate on our CD Leaderboard. Check back on Bankaholic daily for the best CD rates.

Check Out These Eye-Popping CD Rates From TIAA Bank

TIAA Bank has been dominating the rankings on short- and long-term CDs recently. If you’re looking for a great CD rate, and you’re not sure where to turn, chances are TIAA has a product that will pique your interest.

Popular Direct Offers Eye-Catching CD Rates

Take home great CD rates from Popular Direct. Entering the scene just recently, it hosts a menu of CDs as well as a simple savings account.

Check Out These Banks Offering Bump-Up CD Promotions: February 2019

When markets expect interest rates to move up, bump-up CD promotions start to become more popular. And we’re certainly seeing a few more these days.

Don’t Miss Out On Synchrony Bank’s Leading CD Rates

Synchrony Bank is offering top rates on a range of CD terms. If you’re in the market for a CD, Synchrony Bank CDs are certainly worth a look.

Earn 2.75% on 7-Month To 23-Month CDs from Banker’s Trust

Earn 2.75% on 7- to 23-month CDs in two markets from Banker’s Trust Companty, competing with the lead on our 12-month CD Leaderboard.

Veridian Credit Union Offers Special 18-Month And 41-Month CDs

Iowa’s largest credit union, Veridian, is offering quality CD rates to savers nationwide.

Best 2 Year CD Rates for January 2019

We are constantly searching for the best nationally available deals on 24-month CDs. That’s why you can always find the best returns on

Citizens Access’ CD Rates Are Some Of The Best Around

It’s rare to find a national bank paying the top rate on nearly every CD term, but Citizens Access is certainly trying to do just that.

Check Out Ally’s 11-Month No-Penalty CD

Ally Bank is offering 2.30% APY on its 11-month, no-penalty CD. That’s better than many of the CDs we’ve seen available lately. Make sure to check out this deal.

Marcus Offers Top CD Rates Across The Board

If you’re in the market for a CD, Marcus is worth a look. It’s offering great deals on nearly every term.

PenFed Is Offering Some Of The Best CD Rates In The Country

Pentagon Federal Credit Union still remains on our list of the top CD deals available in the country.

KS StateBank Pays Top Deals On Jumbo CDs Nationwide

KS StateBank is paying top returns on a range CDs. Don’t miss these deals.

Granite CU Offers Tough-To-Beat Deal On 5-Year CDs in Utah

Granite Credit Union is offering 3.50% APY on a 5-year CD, joining the ranks of institutions in Utah offering great deals on this term. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

Check Out Navy Federal Credit Union’s 12-Month CD Special

Navy Federal Credit Union is paying 3.50% APY on 12-month certificates of deposit. Always check Bankaholic when you’re looking for the best CD rates for your savings.