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CD Leaderboard: Top 24-Month CD Rate Now Pays 1.50%

For the second time in two weeks, E-Loan has lowered its rate on 24-month CDs. That puts the best nationally available 2-year CD rate at 1.50%.

Bring Home A Deal Worth Bragging About From Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Spokane Teachers Credit Union is offering a deal on 30-month CDs that tops the best national 24- and 36-month deals. Always check Bankaholic for the best rates!

Bank 1.36% On 13-Month CDs Across Texas

Bank of the Ozarks is offering 1.36% on 13-month certificates of deposit, beating out the top nationally available 12-month CD. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

TransCapital Bank Pays 1.20% On 10-Month Certificates Of Deposit

TransCapital Bank is offering 1.20% on 10-month certificates of deposit with a $5,000 minimum. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

Quorum FCU Offers Coast-To-Coast Deal On 10- And 3-Month CD Rates

Quorum Federal Credit Union, an easy-to-join credit union, is offering a coast-to-coast deal on 3-month CDs and 10-month CDs with a modest $1,000 minimum.

CD Leaderboard: Top National 3-Year CDs Now Pay 1.66%

E-Loan dropped its rate on 36-month CDs, giving up the lead to three banks paying 1.66%. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

1-Year CD Rates Roundup: Earn 1.26% Nationally, 1.94% Locally

Country Bank now offers the best nationally available return on 12-month certificates. Always check to find the top returns.

Take Home 2.40% On 60-Month CDs From American United FCU In Utah

American United Federal Credit Union is offering 2.40% on 60-month CDs. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

National Deal From Alden CU Pays 1.26% On 1-Year CDs

Alden Credit Union is offering nationally available 1-year certificates paying 1.26% APY on a $1,000 minimum investment.