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CD Rates Leaderboard For April 17, 2014

Maine-based ableBanking has boosted its 12-month CD rate to 1.05% APY, tying it with four other banks for the best nationally available 1-year CD.

2-State Deal: CDs Pay Up To 3%

Patriot Federal Credit Union has a trio of special CD rates for its Pennsylvania and Maryland members — and one even reaches 3.00%.

Top Mid-Term Rates Hit 2.2% In Nevada

Kudos to Greater Nevada Credit Union for bringing a trio of odd-term specials to its 45,000 members in northern Nevada.

Doral Again The 6-Month CD Champion

The top offer has fallen from 0.90% APY to 0.87% APY, a spot it last occupied in October.

Highest CD Rates Roundup For April 11

So how, exactly, did the Federal Reserve arrive at its muddled, squishy new policy for when it will increase short-term interest rates?

Why I Chose Barclays Over CD Rate Rivals

Recently, I wanted to invest a five-figure sum in a 60-month FDIC-insured bank CD. Barclays Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank and CIT Bank were the leading candidates. I chose Barclays. Here’s why.

Top 13-Month CD Available Nationally

Quorum Federal Credit Union’s special 13-month CD rates are good for savers everywhere.

Checking Balances Swell, Overdrafts Fall

The number of overdraft charges on checking accounts is on the decline, but there might be a curious reason why.

CD Rates Leaderboard For April 8, 2014

For the 10th consecutive week, Florida-based EverBank on Friday changed its 60-month CD rates – this time cutting its yield a bit.