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Take Home 2.30% With Top National 5-Year CDs, Up To 3.05% On Local Deals

The top nationally available 60-month CD is offering up to 2.30%. Meanwhile, the top local deals are offering up to 3.05%.

Nationwide Deal: Transportation FCU Offers Whooping 2.50% On 36-Month CDs

Transportation Federal Credit Union is offering a national deal on 36-month CDs paying a whopping two-tenths of a percentage point higher than the top-billed 60-month yield.

New Deal Offers 1.50% On Nationally Available 24-Month CDs

Capital One joins the ranks of banks paying the highest rates on nationally available 24-month CD rates.

Earn 1.30% On 7-Month To 27-Month CDs In Two Markets

Not many would guess that Iowa’s largest bank also serves customers in Phoenix, but Bankers Trust Company is offering the same great CD deal in both markets.
It’s paying 1.30% APY on a pick-your-term certificate ranging from 7 to 27 months.
Compared with the top nationally available 12-month return of 1.35% APY from the banks on our [...]

Earn Top Returns With Two New York CDs

First American International Bank is paying 1.20% APY on 9-month certificates of deposit and 1.55% APY on 26-month CDs. Depend on Bankaholic to find the top yields.

Earn Up To 1.50% With Top National 2-Year CDs And 2.25% On Best Local Deals

We are constantly searching for the best nationally available deals on 24-month CDs. That’s why you can always find the best returns on

Two New Hampshire CDs Worth Voting For

Triangle Credit Union is paying 1.50% APY on 15-month certificates of deposit and 2.00% APY on 28-month CDs. Always check Bankaholic for the best CD rates.

Cincinnati Deal: 2.25% on 48-Month CDs

Community Savings Bank is offering 2.25% in the tri-state area of Cincinnati. Always come to Bankaholic to find the best CD rates.

Philly Deal Pays 2.05% On 48-Month CDs

Royal Bank America is offering a very respectable return on 4-year CDs for savers in southeast Pennsylvania and the Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia.