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Navy Federal Is Offering Great Auto Loan Rates

Navy Federal, the nation’s largest credit union, is charging as little as 2.99% APR. Depend on Bankaholic to have the best rates.

Capital One Kicks Off Fall Car Loan Deals

September car buyers will find Capital One is charging more than two percentage points less than the average cost of 60-month car loans.

Finance A New Car For Just 2.39%, With No Down Payment Or Application Fees

Alliant Credit Union, the nation’s seventh-largest credit union, is offering some of the cheapest new-car loans we’ve seen this summer, and they’re available to borrowers nationwide.

Drive Into Summer With A 2.39% Car Loan

BB&T is offering some of early summer’s best deals on auto loans in 13 states from Maryland to Texas.

Spring Car Loan Deal: 2.49% For 5 Years

Bank of America is offering some of the best deals on auto loans this spring, with discounts for checking and savings account customers that can shave another half-point off these rates.

Late Winter Auto Loans Starting Below 2%

LightStream is offering some of the best deals on new car and truck car loans we’ve seen so far this year with no fees or prepayment penalties.

PNC Car Loans Start At 2.34% For 5 Years

PNC Bank has some of February’s best deals on car loans with way below average rates and a blank check program that helps you close the purchase quickly and efficiently.

3 Offers To Refi Your Car For Less Than 3%

Bank of America, Pentagon Federal and Up2Drive are all offering some of February’s lowest auto refinancing rates with 5-year loans starting at less than 3% APR.

Chase Car Loans Start At Less Than 2%

Chase Bank has some of the cheapest car loans around this winter with the lowest reserved for the bank’s checking account customers. It’s offering 48-month new-car loans for as little as 1.93% APR, and 60-month loans starting at 2.04% in many parts of the country. That’s more than two percentage points less than the current […]

Hire A Used Car Pro To Haggle For You

There’s a new Web site for people like me, who are terrified we’ll pay too much for a used car. will do the haggling for you. Just tell the site what make and model you want to buy, and how far you’ll go to get it. will then find and negotiate a purchase […]

To Hybrid Or Not To Hybrid?

Hybrids almost always cost more than comparable, conventionally powered models. But the Toyota Camry Hybrid will save enough in gas to recoup that extra cost in well under two years, which makes it an excellent deal. Indeed, we can’t understand why anyone would buy a Camry without the gas-saving, environment-friendly hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, we can’t […]

Punt On GM’s Guarantee. Take The Rebate.

Anyone watching football today will see lots of ads for General Motors’ “60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee,” which allows a buyer dissatisfied with one of its new cars or trucks to return it for a full refund. Of course money-back offers like this always come with so many rules and loopholes that the only thing you’re guaranteed […]

Save Big With Car Sharing

Would eliminating your monthly car payment, and other related costs, like insurance, gas, maintenance and repairs make a difference in meeting your budget? Maybe you should consider sharing rather than owning a car. More than 300,000 drivers have already joined more than two dozen car share programs across the country, which allow the to use […]

0% Financing Is The Best Incentive

“Cash for Clunkers” may be over, but our favorite discount is still available on dozens of new cars and trucks. That’s 0% financing. If a finance company is willing to lend you $20,000, $30,000 or more for free, we say, grab it. Although automakers often give you a choice between a discount loan or cash […]

Clunkers Revived, But Car Prices Going Up

“Cash for Clunkers” is a huge success. That’s why Congress provided another $2 billion to keep the program that pays up to $4,500 for old, gas-guzzling cars and trucks going through Labor Day. But many car shoppers are surprised at how high new and used car prices are this summer. Buyers are paying close to […]