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Bigger Deal: Your Weight Or Your Debt?

Poll QuestionThe majority of Americans care more about their waistline than their bottom line.

A recent survey found that 72% of Americans would rather keep their current level of debt than gain 25 pounds and be debt-free.

Not only that, 64% said they think about their physical appearance more than how much debt they have.

And 35% – especially the 18- to 34-year-old set – report worrying about how they look more than their finances.

Sorry, but that’s not pretty.

In all seriousness, the effects of debt have been known to linger longer than looks. Plus, when those looks are gone, we have a feeling they’ll wish they had worried a bit more about how much money was in the bank.

The survey also found that fewer women than men (38% to 49%) agreed with the posed statement, “How much I weigh is more important than how much debt I have.”

So much for stereotypes.

Conducted by research market firm Harris Interactive for personal finance company Credit Karma, the survey polled 2,021 Americans over age 18. Of that group, 74% admitted to carrying some amount of debt.

Only bankruptcy appears to overcome vanity, with 62% preferring to be obese than bankrupt.

Still, that leaves 38% who said they prefer their “ideal weight,” even if that meant filing for bankruptcy – and consequently tanking their credit score.




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Results from last week’s question: 57% of respondents said when they bank online, the activity they most often do is check their balances; 29% said they pay bills.

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