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Big-City Checking Bonus Rises To $300

Regions Bank has once again upped the ante for new checking account customers in major cities across the South.

Last fall, it bumped its bonus for new checking customers from $125 to $165.

Now the Birmingham, Alabama-based bank has almost doubled the deal, offering a $300 bonus if you open a new checking account and take a couple of other simple steps.

First, you need to open a LifeGreen checking account online using the promo code 300M.

Then you’ll need to make 10 debit card purchases and receive at least $500 in direct deposits of a payroll or government check within 60 days of account opening.

Do those things and $300 will be credited to your account within 120 days.

The only drawback is that this bonus is only available to new customers in certain major markets, including:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dallas and Austin, Texas
  • Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Miami and Tampa, Florida

So be sure to call to make sure you’re eligible for the bonus.

If you are, Regions has four LifeGreen checking accounts, but we suspect you’ll want to go for one of the two that make it easy to avoid the monthly service fees.

The LifeGreen Checking account costs $8 a month if you receive online statements and $10 if you get paper statements. But you can get that fee waived just by having a government or payroll check of at least $500 directly deposited each month, which you’ll want to do that to qualify for the bonus.

The LifeGreen eAccess Account, which is designed for those who write few checks, waives its $8 monthly charge if you have at least 10 debit card transactions each month. That’s the other requirement to get the $300 bonus.

Both accounts have other ways you can get the monthly fee waived, but they won’t help you earn the bonus.

It just takes a $50 deposit to open a LifeGreen checking account at Regions, which has 1,700 branches in 16 Southern and Midwestern states.

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