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Best Mortgages Still As Low As 5.25%

Mortgage rates are up a half-point or so from the record lows they set this spring.

But there are still some very good deals out there.

We searched the extensive database of mortgage rates on and for 10 major cities.

Here’s the lowest rate we found for what we consider to be the best loan for most purchases and refinancings: A 30-year, fixed-rate loan with no points and fees of less than $2,000:

Baltimore: 5.375% from American Lending Group.

Atlanta: 5.625% from Total Mortgage Services.

Boston: 5.25% from American

Chicago: 5.50% from Sterling Home Mortgage.

Dallas: 5.375% from Austin First Mortgage.

Miami: 5.50% from First Nationwide Lending.

Minneapolis: 5.375% from

Philadelphia: 5.625% from Mortgage Capital Associates.

San Francisco: 5.375% from

Seattle: 5.25% from American

We suspect you’ll find similar offers if you search those databases for the best deals in your city or town.

The fine print: These rates are for borrowers with credit scores of at least 700 and conforming loans, which means they’re for less than $417,000. For scores from 680 to 699 you’ll usually pay higher fees, up to 1% of the loan value, or a higher rate.

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