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Mortgage Rate Calculators

To find the best mortgage rates, you need to do some research and calculate payments, a lot of which is available through online resources. In addition, before beginning your research, be sure that you understand what you want in a mortgage loan and your plans for the loan proceeds. This will help you determine your “best” mortgage rate and type of mortgage loan.

Before shopping around for mortgage loans and the “best” mortgage rates, you should understand how these loans work, as well as their benefits and risks. A mortgage loan is an attractive way to borrow money for people who have ownership in their houses. The equity in one’s home is used as collateral against the mortgage loan.

Several advantages to mortgage loans exist. Mortgage rates tend to be lower than rates on other types of loans, the interest on a mortgage loan may be tax deductible, and relatively large amounts of money may be borrowed. Since you are putting your house up for collateral, if you have bad credit, obtaining a mortgage loan may be easier for you to obtain than other types of loans.

Mortgage loans are most often used to make improvements on homes, to increase a home’s equity value. Adding bathrooms, living spaces or renovating kitchens are improvements that can add value to one’s home. Other uses of a mortgage loan are to pay for a child’s college education or finance the purchase of a second home.

Sometimes, people use mortgage loans to pay for vacations or other larger-ticket disposable items, or consolidate outstanding balances on high-interest debt, as they believe that the value appreciation in their home’s value will allow them to cover for such expenditures once they sell their house. However, if the home does not appreciate in value, or depreciates, they may end up owning more than the value of their home. The borrower must then either sell his or her house and pay the difference between the outstanding loan and the home’s value or remain in a house that he or she no longer wants to live in. The borrower may also lose his home if monthly loan payments cannot be made and the lender calls in the loan.

Once you have decided to apply for a mortgage loan, shop around for the best mortgage rates, as this can save you significant money. As with any other loan, be sure to compare rates for loans with similar characteristics, such as duration and structure (fixed or variable rates, for example). Several sources of information exist for mortgage loans, including the institutions providing such loans: banks, brokers and credit unions. In addition, ask your friends and relatives, coworkers and other acquaintances for recommendations of mortgage loan providers. Compare what you have been told by these sources with information you find on the Internet and in advertisements for mortgage loans. Most importantly, be sure you do the proper analysis to ensure that you can afford the monthly loan payments.