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Begging To Pay Off Student Loans

How pitiful is this: A new Web site that helps college grads beg for money to repay student loans.

lilyslist.comBorrowers start the process by signing up at and providing a copy of their student loans statement.

Then parents, relatives or even anonymous donors can use credit or debit cards to make contributions that are sent directly to the lender.

It’s a sad commentary on American education that the four moms who created would think such a Web site is needed. But student loans have become such a burden for so many families we’re afraid it may be successful.


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  1. Jennifer said:
    on April 6th at 05:52 pm

    Jen, Thanks for writing. I enjoy your style but I’m I’m afraid you missed the whole point about Lily’s List. If you had looked at the site a littler closer you’d see that it’s not about begging at all. It’s about re-directing gifts kids were going to get anyway. And it’s about revenue sharing. You know, when sometimes Grandma will ask what you want for your birthday? Perhaps, it would be helpful to ask for a gift donation to help pay off a student loan instead of a sweater or instead of getting cash that may land at a donut shop instead. The other part is our idea about revenue sharing. Four years ago a student may have thought that having the average debt of $23,000 in loans would be ok, because they would certainly have a job that pays that today. Well sadly, it’s not the case. We believe the burden most kids are strapped with is overwhelming in an economy where there are very few jobs for recent grads. We think we can help. That’s all. Sorry you missed the boat but thanks for writing!

  2. Jennifer said:
    on April 6th at 06:07 pm

    OK. And then I clicked on “CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE POST.” :))

  3. said:
    on April 7th at 04:11 pm

    People need money for education, at least it’s going to a good cause. We need higher education to keep up with the rest of the world and create more innovations to help the rest of the world.

  4. Garry said:
    on April 17th at 08:53 am

    State schools are great – if you can get in! Community colleges can be great too. The thing is, loans are probably necessary for most people no matter WHAT school they choose. I like the idea of Lily’s List because it’s just another tool to help out by re-directing gift money to loan accounts instead of jean pockets and what’s wrong with that? We’re all in it together.