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BCU Deal: Earn 3% On A Savings Account

Baxter Credit Union has a high-paying savings account for any of its 140,000 members willing to jump through a few hoops.

Those who sign-up for the “Rainy Day” account start off earning 1.50% APY for the first year.

That matches what the best nationally available savings account is paying.

Anyone who puts an additional $25 to $500 a month for 12 consecutive months into their account qualifies to have their rate doubled to 3.00% APY.

That’s as much as the best nationally available 60-month CDs are paying.

Baxter created this account to encourage its members to build an emergency fund (the recommended three to six months worth of living expenses) in case they’re laid off, get sick and can’t work, or face a major unexpected expense.

Membership is open to employees at 93 companies, and BCU has dozens of service centers near in 10 states from New York to California, and in Puerto Rico.

Anyone who lives in all or part of four Illinois counties — DuPage, Kane, McHenry and Cook – and Kenosha County, Wisc. — in the Chicago area are also eligible.

If you qualify, you can join online and membership costs only $5.

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  1. lllllll said:
    on August 23rd at 10:41 am

    only allows 2, count ’em, 2 withdrawals per month or there is a $25 fee